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Cell Phone Signal Boosters for First Responders


Signal Boosters for First Responders

First responders need reliable cellular communications inside their base station and vehicles. Solid Signal provides signal booster solutions for emergency personnel.

First aid responders answer emergency situations that happen in seconds. To respond as quickly as possible, emergency personnel need a dependable communications infrastructure. Sadly, equipment purchased even a few years ago could become obsolete very soon.  (The FCC is opening up new frequencies for cellular data, which means that older boosters aren’t made to provide this coverage.)  Fortunately, Solid Signal has the solution. Actually, we have many solutions for the variety of installation requirements encountered in community first responder installations.  Our experts will match you with the best signal booster system for your base station and/or emergency vehicles.


What is a Signal Booster?

In this age of text and voice, signal boosters are just as important as cell phones and towers. Also known as cellular signal boosters or cell boosters, these units amplify weak voice and data signals. The device rebroadcasts this enhanced signal to a base station, office, or emergency vehicle. This makes for faster, more reliable voice and data signal. Cell phone amplifiers are compatible with most cell phone service providers. These devices work on any phone that use 2G, 3G, and 4G signals.

There are many different types of signal boosters for community first responders.

Here are some of the most common uses of cell boosters:

  1.  Boosting cellular signal inside a base station or office.
  2. Improving text and voice data inside an emergency vehicle.


Why First Responders Need Cell Boosters

Lives depend upon your ability to receive and transmit text and voice data. Unfortunately, many first responders face challenges with their communications infrastructures. The FCC keeps changing the way the radio spectrum is allocated. This limits the amount of frequencies used for first aid responder broadcasting. Relying upon this broadcast spectrum could lead to spotty and/or inconsistent service. When lives are at stake, this will not do.

As a first responder, your communications technology must be the best. It has to be reliable in all weather conditions. These units also must stay connected throughout your coverage area.  How can your organization have complete confidence in your communications equipment? Adding cell boosters to your base station and emergency vehicles gives you peace of mind. These devices improve the speed and strength of the voice and data signals you send and receive.  

  1. Base Stations: Do your headquarters or office suffer from weak signal strength? If so, the reason could be the building material and layout. These factors can weaken, disrupt, and even block radio waves. As a result, you typically get missed or dropped calls and data. This puts the people you’re trying to help in grave danger! A signal booster amplifies each frequency band to its maximum potential. This creates effective, two-way communication with dependable signal.
  2.  Emergency Vehicles: Most if not all communication of your communications in the field is to and from these vehicles. On any day, you encounter valleys, buildings, and other obstacles that hinder communication. We can match you with an in-vehicle cell booster and antenna combo.  This improves voice and data to and from your cruisers, ambulances, and other first responder vehicles. 


Signal Boosters for First Responders

When it comes to cell boosters, first responders have three choices. You can get signal boosters for your base stations, emergency vehicles, or both. For either of these applications, first responders want bi-directional signal boosters. In some cases, these devices amplify the incoming and outgoing cellular portions of the public safety 700 and 800 bands. If you’re a police department, fire station or EMS/ambulance driver, your organization probably uses these bands.

  • Signal Boosters for Police Vehicles: Police work is important and time-sensitive, especially during emergencies. Not being able to call for backup, or communicate critical details, can mean the difference between saving a life and losing one. Don’t rely on one form of communication when lives are at stake. A signal booster for police vehicles provides crucial security and reliability.
  • Cell Boosters for Fire Safety Vehicles: When it comes to a firefighter’s duties, communication is key. Firefighters must maintain contact with the radio personnel back at the base. They also need to reach utilities personnel to shut off gas and electricity at large fires. There’s too much at stake to not have reliable communications equipment. This is why we say a cell booster is one of the most important firefighting tools.
  • Cell Phone Amplifiers for EMS/Ambulance Vehicles: Paramedics need to know where the emergency is and who needs assistance. They also have to radio ahead to let hospital staff know that the ambulance is on its way. All this requires a reliable communications infrastructure that includes a cell phone amplifier. Having this equipment lets one EMTs drive while the other tends to the patient.


Solid Signal is Your Source for Signal Boosters

When you’re ready to improve your cellular communications, Solid Signal can help. We’re on online electronics retailer that provides signal booster solutions to first responders. Our product experts match your company or municipality with a bi-directional cell booster.  We carry these products from weBoost (Wilson), SureCall, and other top-selling manufacturers.  There is no one-size-fits all solution for first responders’ communications solutions.    

When you work with Solid Signal, you’re working with the best online electronics retailer. We’ll match your base station and/or emergency vehicles with the right communications products. We'll also answer your questions and offering help along the way. Here are the four steps we use to help first responders get the best signal booster solution:

  1. Our customer support experts asks you questions, including the square footage of your base station, square miles of your coverage area, the number of emergency vehicles you have, etc.
  2. Based upon the information you provide, our customer service team will recommend a signal booster that’s best for your installation’s needs.  Our team might also recommend an antenna to suit the demands of your service.
  3. We will match you with one of the many professional installation experts in our network.  This person will install your signal booster system with little to no business interruption for you.
  4. If you have any questions or need information after your installation, pick up the phone and call our customer support phone number.  Our team is happy to provide continued technical support when you need it. 

Upgrade Your Communications Infrastructure Today!

First responders face challenges every day. Don’t let communications be one of these struggles.  Not when Solid Signal has the optimal solution. If you’re ready to update your communications infrastructure, give us a call at 877.312.4547, email us at, or fill out a Signal Booster Request Form. A member of our team will match you with the equipment that provides fast, accurate, and reliable voice and data to emergency personnel.


Get a Custom Quote for Mulitple Signal Booster Needs!

If you are in need of multiple boosters for your company, public organization or fleet of vehicles, we are here to help.  Solid Signal is proud to extend to you the ability to request a custom quote for your specific needs.  All you have to do is give us a call at 877.312.4547, email us at, or fill out a Signal Booster Request Form. A member of our team will match you with the equipment that provides fast, accurate, and reliable voice and data to emergency personnel at a reduced price based on quantity needed.  Get your custom quote today!

In-Vehicle Cell Phone Signal Boosters

These signal boosters are great for single user or multi-user applications, such a police cruisers, fire engines, ambulances, SWAT team vehicles, and so much more. In an emergency situation, trust that these signal boosters will help you connect your call, send that text, or relay important information over data.

Cell Phone Signal Boosters for Home or Office

When reliability and consistency matter, rely on these signal boosters to help you stay in contact over cellular networks. Compatible with all US carriers, you are sure to enjoy more reliable phone and data coverage in your home, office, or both!

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