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Chimney Mounts for TV Antennas

Chimney mounts are one of the easiest ways to secure a TV antenna to your roof.  That’s why these units are one of the most popular items here at Solid Signal. 

TV antenna installers love chimney mounts because these units adjust to fit nearly any TV antenna mast.   These mounts also feature two adjustable straps that tighten down around your chimney like a belt.  This straps a pole or mast to the chimney.  The size of the pole that gets supported depends upon the specific chimney mount you choose to install.  Generally, these units accept 1-1.66-inch, and some cases 2-inch, poles.  Pro tip: Chimneys more than 50 years old should be inspected for cracks or other signs of vulnerability before being used to secure a TV antenna. 

If you’re considering securing your TV antenna to your chimney, be sure to review the pros and cons below to help guide you in your decision:        


  • Chimney mounts are adjustable.  Although we sell chimney mounts in different sizes, all of these devices can be reduced to fit your chimney
  • These devices are easy to Install.  Chimney mounts require no drilling.  This means no holes in your roof, for those concerned about leaks.
  • The higher the better.  This is the general rule of thumb with TV antennas.  Few mounts place the antenna higher than a chimney mount.
  • Chimney mounts are compatible with TV antennas, radio antennas, and even some satellite dishes.


  • Placing the antenna right over the chimney makes it susceptible to gas and smoke emissions, which reduces the life of your antenna.
  • Chimney mounts are only as strong as your chimney.  Old and deteriorated chimneys can fall over if your antenna is hit by high winds
  • Chimney mounts should be inspected and tightened annually.


Chimney Mount Installation Tips

 Do you plan to install a TV antenna and attach it to your chimney?  Here are some basic tips for attaching a chimney mount:

  • The top strap of your chimney mount should be placed as high upon the chimney as possible.  If the chimney has a crown or projecting cap, place the top strap directly under it. 
  • The bottom strap should be placed four feet below the top strap.  If the chimney isn’t long enough to permit this, place the bottom strap as far down on the chimney as possible.
  • If the mast must be 10 feet above the chimney top, don’t use a chimney mount unless you can space the straps at least 30 inches apart.
  • For masts less than 10 feet above the chimney top, the straps should be spaced no less than 24 inches apart.


Get Your Chimney Mount

If you need a chimney mount, Solid Signal is your source.  We carry a wide variety of these devices from manufacturers such as EasyUp, Ronard, and Solid Signal.  If you need one of these units to secure your TV antenna to your roof, check out the wide selection of chimney mounts we carry.  If you have any questions before you purchase your chimney mount, give us a call at 877.312.4547.  The more informed you are before you get up on your roof, the more successful your chimney mount installation will be. 

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