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Choose DIRECTV for Commercial Satellite Television on Land and Sea

Commercial Satellite TV Solutions

When you want live TV for your office, restaurant, store, vessel or vehicle, there's really only one solution: DIRECTV.

DIRECTV is the nationwide leader in commercial television solutions. No one even comes close to the combination of programming, features and overall value that comes with DIRECTV. It's the perfect choice, whether you're trying to keep customers happy in a bar, entertain high-end clients on an RV or boat, or just keep the team happy in the lunchroom. There's a commercial DIRECTV solution for every need! Browse our selection of DIRECTV Commercial Equipment now!


Call Us Now

Our fast, friendly and efficient staff is ready now to help you enjoy the magic of satellite television in your business! We have 15 years of experience helping companies like yours find the right products, install and activate satellite equipment. We're ready to help you RIGHT NOW! Call us at 877.312.4547, or tap on the graphic above on your mobile device.


Private areas

Satellite TV is a must-have for every business! Get important news and weather updates anytime you need without taxing your company's internet. Satellite TV in the lunchroom keeps workers happy and satellite TV in the warehouse makes people feel at home during long shifts. And of course, a TV for the owner's office is always appreciated.


RVs and Trucks

Whether you're taking your products out for a roadshow or transporting them to stores and customers, there's nothing like DIRECTV Satellite Television to make the hours go by. Solid Signal has a mix of DIRECTV equipment that makes watching TV on the road as easy as it is at home. The dishes actually aim themselves! Don't get fooled into thinking that a phone's good enough -- why not watch on a big screen in stunning high definition?


Boats and Yachts

Sure, not every company is lucky enough to have a corporate yacht. But if you're one of the privileged few who operate a pleasure vessel, you'll be pleased to know that no one activates more DIRECTV service for marine customers than Solid Signal. We are the worldwide leader in satellite activation and we can work with you and your crew on a solution that will give you and your guests crystal-clear satellite TV no matter where you are!


Bars and Restaurants

Your customers want DIRECTV. You know it. DIRECTV offers the most sports programs and the only nationwide solution for 4K programming. There's absolutely nothing better than DIRECTV to keep your customers in their seats, ordering food and drinks. DIRECTV pays for itself over and over again. It's more affordable than you could ever imagine to bring DIRECTV into your business.


Public areas

DIRECTV has special packages designed for waiting rooms, lounges, and anywhere customers need to be entertained. Don't bog down your internet by offering free Wi-Fi and don't install an expensive solution to boost your cellular signals. Choose DIRECTV to keep your guests quiet and content for hours!


...and don't forget

There isn't anywhere on land or sea that people don't want high-quality entertainment. DIRECTV offers you the best no matter if you're in a hotel, oil rig, tire store, hospital, correctional facility, stadium or mansion! If you have a business license, you need DIRECTV's commercial products and services. Solid Signal makes it easy to get connected and upgrade your system!


What DIRECTV receiver is right for you? Choose from several models approved for commercial use, or call us now for a recommendation!


Choose a high-definition dish that automatically aims itself when you're parked for the night, or a standard definition solution that lets your guests watch TV anytime... even when you're driving!


Solid Signal has the widest variety of marine satellite dishes. No one activates more commercial marine accounts than Solid Signal! Choose from these popular options or call us to discuss custom solutions that are best for you!


No job is done until all the bits and pieces are installed. Choose from our selection of commercial-grade accessories for the best experience, or replace an aging or faulty item with one that's brand new!

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