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Cut the Cord in Los Angeles (part 2)

Free TV in Southern California

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Cord-Cutting and Los Angeles Sports Fans

Sports in Southern California

While cord-cutting offers more channels and better-quality reception, most media markets have blackouts on games.  This limits the amount of professional sports games you can see.  While this presents a challenge, Solid Signal provides options for cord-cutters who want to watch pro sports.  Check out our Los Angeles Cord-Cutter’s Guide to Sports for ways to see the Rams, Dodgers, Lakers, Clippers, and Kings.

What’s Available in TV Markets Near SoCal…

Are you located in the northern or southern ends of Southern Los Angeles?  If so, you might pick up Santa Barbara and San Diego TV stations.  It all depends upon where you live, of course, but the one-of-a-kind conditions in Southern California make receiving TV signal easy.  Do you live in a place that lets you to snag signal from these adjacent markets? If so, check out our comprehensive program listings for Santa Barbara and San Diego TV programs.

Your TV Antenna in Southern California

To cut the cord, you need a TV antenna. But you can’t just purchase any antenna and hope for the best over-the-air TV reception.  No two TV antennas are the same, and no two over-the-air viewing experiences are the same.  If you’re considering cutting the cord, keep these things in mind:

How far you live from Mount Wilson.  The vast majority of LA’s free over-the-air TV programming is broadcast from towers located there. 

The number of buildings, trees, and other obstructions between your home and the broadcast towers.

Which Los Angeles channels are your favorites?  This is important when choosing between a VHF, UHF, or VHF/UHF antenna.

These factors affect the quality of your OTA TV reception and the number of TV programs you’re able to receive. At Solid Signal, we take these and other factors into consideration before we recommend an indoor TV antenna or one of three types of outdoor TV antennas. We've compiled our most popular antennas for indoors and outdoors into one handy guide that helps you compare and choose the right TV antenna for you!


Cut the Cord in Southern California

A TV antenna in the Los Angeles media market means three things: the most channels, the best reception, and no cable bills.  Do you need another reason to become a cord-cutter?  From Oceanside to Oxnard, and from Beverly Hills to Banning, we’ll match you with the best indoor or outdoor TV antenna.  If you’re moving to another TV market, we can help you there, too.  Call us at 877.312.4547 for TV antenna recommendations, installation guidance, and everything else you need to cut the cord.

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