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DIRECTV Ka/Ku MPEG-4 Compatible Satellite Dish Installation Videos

Are you planning to install a DIRECTV Ka/Ku MPEG-4 compatible satellite dish?  Check out these instructional videos from Solid Signal.

For a successful DIRECTV satellite dish installation, there are many things you need to know.  The instructional videos on this page are derived from an installation video for the DIRECTV Ka/Ku band satellite dish antenna.  This information is provided by DIRECTV as a training tool for installation professionals.  Housed within are answers to many questions in reference to the release of DIRECTVs 99° and 103° satellites and the high definition MPEG-4 compression programming format. Check out the information in these videos before you install your DIRECTV Slimline dish.

Here are the titles and contents of the five DIRECTV Ka/Ku MPEG-4 satellite dish installation videos on this page:

Video Segment 1

General Information about MPEG-4 Compression Technology:

  • Launch and orbital position of DIRECTV 99° and 103° satellites
  • Explanation of MPEG-4 compression and DIRECTV signal stream
  • Overview of changes to data stream and increase in bandwidth

Video Segment 2

Assembly of DIRECTV Ka/Ku Band Dish

  • Ka/Ku dish comparison to triple LNB satellite dish antenna
  • Dish assembly instructions and installation considerations
  • Additional equipment required to receive MPEG-4 Ka band frequency transmissions

Video Segment 3

Alignment of DIRECTV Slimline Dish

  • Connecting the multi-sat LNBs and determining dish settings
  • Aligning the dish for Ka and Ku frequency bands
  • Fine-tuning the dish for narrow Ka band reception

Video Segment 4

Completing the Installation

  • Using the correct type of RG-6 coax cables
  • Off-Air antenna limitations when using the dish
  • Use of 2GHz-rated equipment during installation
  • Compatible multiswitches

Video Segment 5

Finishing Up and Activation of MPEG-4 HD Receiver

  • High-definition (MPEG-4) satellite receiver
  • Completing the install - satellite receiver training
  • Installation review and closing statement

Nearly every aspect of installing a DIRECTV Slimline dish antenna is covered in these instructional videos.  We’re sure that most of your questions can be answered in one or all of the videos on this page.  If you have further questions, feel free to call us at 877.312.4547.  As a DIRECTV Authorized Dealer, we’re happy to assist you with your DIRECTV satellite dish installation.

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