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Do You Need The New Reverse Band LNB for Your DIRECTV Dish?

Do You Need The New Reverse Band LNB for Your DIRECTV Dish?


The new 4K Reverse Band LNB is the latest and greatest from DIRECTV. Do you need it? In most cases if you're using a 4K TV and a DIRECTV HR54 Genie DVR, you will. We have a simple guide for upgrading. You don't have to replace the whole dish, just the LNB, which is the part at the front.

Here are the parts you´ll need: 

DIRECTV Digital Reverse Band 3 UltraHD 4K LNB (3D2RBLNB)
DIRECTV SWS-8 Satellite 8-Way Wide Band MRV Compatible Splitter (2 -2150 MHz)
DIRECTV SWM-PI 29V 1.5A Power Inserter for SWM-8 (SWM-PI)
Solid Signal Custom Cable Lengths RG6 with High Quality Solid Signal Connectors (approximately 4´ of cable for the dish, plus any additional runs you may need)
A pencil
A ladder
A 7/16" open-end wrench and screwdrivers
Cable ties

Go up to the dish and before you move anything, use the pencil to mark the position of all mounting and adjustment screws on the back of the dish. If you accidentally bump the dish, you´ll know it. 

Disconnect the LNB by unscrewing it and removing the coaxial cables. Feed the four cables back through the arm. 

Connect the new, single cable to the LNB and feed it through the arm. Connect it to the splitter at the top. Run the four existing cables into the splitter. You will need a line to a power source connected to port #1 (the red port.) You can use existing lines or run a new one for this purpose.


Learn how to install the new SWM-13 LNB

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