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How To Rescan for New Digital Channels

Have you ever wondered how to do a rescan for new digital channels?  We’re happy to walk cord-cutters through this easy, three-step process.

Why would a cord-cutter need to rescan for TV channels?  Because there might be some new channels and programming in your TV market.  Your TV’s channels might have changed in the past, which might have caused some converter boxes to read “no signal” for some stations.  A quick channel rescan allows your converter box to cue up to those channels that have made the switch.  Here’s how to conduct a channel scan for new digital channels in three simple steps:

  1. Hit MENU or SETUP on your converter box remote, then look for an option titled AUTOSCAN or CHANNEL SCAN.
  2. Wait as your converter box searches every channel for digital channels.
  3. After the AUTOSCAN is complete, use your converter box remote to flip through the channels to see if you’ve picked up your missing channels.
  4. If you are still missing the channels, you might need to adjust your antenna and do another AUTOSCAN.

Here’s a screen shot of what rescanning your converter box for channels looks like:

The Ultimate OTA Programming Guide

In our efforts to cord-cutters with up-to-date information, we’ve created a guide to free TV programming in media markets across the country.  Each of these pages offers a complete listing of the TV programming you’re likely to receive in specific American TV markets.  (Note: Some low-powered TV stations that exist in your market might not be listed in the guide.)  We recommend following the link to this page then clicking on the TV market in which you live.  Use the guide on that page to make sure you’re receiving all the stations available in your local area.

 Here are some additional tips to help you make sure you’re always up to date on the latest OTA channels in your area:

  • Rescan any time a channel you like has disappeared.  This will help you make sure you’re getting all of the free content that’s available. 
  • If you use an indoor TV antenna, try placing it in different places in your home for the best results.  
  • Upgrading to a stronger antenna with a farther reach might help you pull in more TV programming for your TV market and perhaps an adjacent media market.
  • In some cases, a TV antenna preamplifier might improve your reception.  These devices are typically used with installations that have long cable runs and/or splitters.

For More Information…

Do you have a question that wasn’t answered here?  You’ll find more detailed information about TV antennas, preamplifiers, and many other cord-cutting details in our TV Antenna FAQ file.  We’ve taken the time to answer a host of frequently asked questions from cord-cutters just like you.  The information in this file will help you make the most of your TV antenna experience.  You can also call us at 877.312.4547.  We’re happy to help with anything and everything related to cutting the cord.

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