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Televes Antennas - European Quality with Auto-Gain and LTE Filtering

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Say Goodbye to Expensive Cable or Satellite Bills for Good

At Solid Signal, we help hundreds of people just like you "cut the cord" each and every day.  Cord cutting means severing ties with cable TV and its expensive monthly bills.  Cord-cutters get their favorite news, entertainment, and weather for free with a TV antenna.  When deciding which TV antenna is right for you, we highly recommend Televes TV antennas for their surperior design and functionality.  

Cord cutting is more than a movement, it’s a revolution.  Thousands of people are doing it, which inspires others to cut the cord.  The reason it’s so popular is simple – cord cutting in all its forms offers many advantages over cable TV.  Some of these include:

  • Say “so long” to costly cable TV bills each month.
  • Free HDTV with a TV antenna.
  • Superior TV reception quality.
  • No strangers coming to your house to install equipment.
  • Paying only for the programs and stations you want and enjoy.
  • Feeling good about taking control of your TV programming.


TV Antenna Selection - Why Choose Televes Antennas?

When it comes to selecting the right antenna for your specific needs, experienced cord-cutters know that there's a difference between proven reliability vs hype. Most TV antennas will give you free over-the-air TV, but only a high-quality TV antenna will give you the extra features you'll need for years of enjoyment. Here are some questions you should ask when choosing an antenna for local channels:

  • How far away can this TV antenna be from the broadcast towers?
  • Will this outdoor TV antenna work with my HOA?
  • Can I install this antenna myself?
  • Do I need an outdoor TV antenna that will stand up to the elements?
  • How important is price?

When you consider every factor, Televes antennas meet the demand with an option for every budget, level of experience, or HOA requirement.  They have been around since 1958 and have withstood the test of time by producing only the best antennas for Europe, and now the United States.

Boss-Tech Amplification Technology

Televes BOSS-Tech Amplification
Every Televes amplified antenna uses BOSS amplification technology. Televes’ BOSS amplifiers actively control the amount of gain for every frequency. This is a major upgrade in amplifier technology that is only available with Televes. Auto gain control allows every channel to be strongly amplified without worrying that other channels are going to be “overdriven” which would cause picture distortion or even damage to a TV tuner.

Another unqiue feature of all Televes amplified antennas is that they use passive technology.  This means that if the amplifier is not powered, fails, or just isn’t plugged in, the antenna will still work. Televes is one of very few manufacturers to include this technology.

LTE Filtering

Televes antennas are the only brand to incorporate LTE filtering into their full antenna line. Every single antenna is designed to reject LTE signals from US carriers. This is incredibly important because as cell carriers build more towers, there’s an ever-growing chance that your home or office is going to be very near one, and that the LTE signal coming from these towers will be a lot stronger than distant TV antenna signals.

LTE provides wireless internet to cell phones using frequencies that were once used for TV antennas. Even though those frequencies aren’t used anymore, older antennas will still pick them up, and newer antennas can as well depending on their manufacture. LTE signals can even affect channels on “fractional” frequencies -- For example LTE transmissions at 792MHz can also affect broadcasts at 396 and 198MHz, which are half and one-quarter of the frequency used by LTE. By blocking LTE transmissions completely you have the best chance of picking up all the channels you want, interference-free.  Thanks, Televes!

European-Made Quality

Televes Antennas Quality ElementsTeleves antennas are designed and built in Spain for the demands of the European market, where durability and environmental friendliness are of high importance. Due to high taxes in many European countries, it makes more sense to buy a well-made product that will last longer than to keep buying a string of poorly made ones year after year. Televes antennas use higher-quality, thicker aluminum extrusions, better quality plastics, and thicker circuit boards to achieve a top level of quality. This results in an antenna that should last longer than any other made today.




Get Help Choosing an Antenna or Amplifier

Not sure which Televes TV antenna is the best one for you and your location? Solid Signal is here to help. Give us a call at 877-312-4547 or submit an Antenna Request Form and we will provide guidance within one business day or less.

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