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What is a Single Wire Multiswitch (SWM) System?


A Single Wire Multiswitch or SWM system is a satellite dish with SWM technology built into it, or a multiswitch with SWM Technology.  SWM Dishes are identified as having a single output, and are the only such units to require a power supply. Examples of SWM dishes are the SL3-SWM and SL5-SWM.

A SWM Switch takes all four outputs from a satellite dish, and combines them into a single output, which can be divided up with splitters, if need be. The benefit of this system is only having to run one line to a DVR, which normally requires two lines. It also allows for a distribution with splitters, similar to how cable TV is setup.

Another benefit of SWM comes with the addition of a DECA Adapter that feeds internet into one of the outputs from a SWM system. This enables every receiver to have a network connection through a single coax. With the combination of a SWM technology and DECA, you get a DIRECTV-connected home that features multi-room viewing (MRV). This enables a house with a HD-DVR to be controlled by other HD receivers in the building.

There are many other benefits that come with having a DIRECTV SWM system, which include:

  • Cable distribution is easier using splitters, which saves the amount of cable needed. This, in turn, saves you money.
  • Less cable used means no more cutting multiple holes into your walls, which is typical of older setups.
  • SWM makes it possible to use smaller client devices that save power.
  • It allows for sharing network information, which enables interactive features.
  • SWM lets the client schedule recordings on the DVR.
  • All current DVRs feature built-in Broadband DECA so an external one is needed only for older equipment or cases where the DVR can’t reach your home network.

Hopefully this document fully explained what a SWM system is and how it’s used in your satellite TV installation.  For even more information, check out our white paper that helps you determine if you need a single-wire upgrade.  This document gives you everything you could ever want to know about DIRECTV’s SWM technology.  You can also call us at 877.312.4547 with any other questions you might have about DIRECTV.

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