Tablo SPVR4-01-NA 4 Tuner DVR for HDTV Antennas (SPVR4-01-NA)

  • Brand: Tablo
  • P\N: SPVR4-01-NA
  • UPC: 820103808576
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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


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This thing is great. I highly recommend it.


I've had my 4 tuner Tablo for about 3 months, and I love it. Now I never miss any show that I want to watch, and I can watch it at my leisure. I rarely watch TV real-time anymore, but I can if I want to and can even rewind the live shows if I need to. I have 4 TVs connected to Rokus, so I can watch the Tablo recorded or live shows on any one of them. I'd recommend paying for the program guide. It's nice to be able to select a show from the guide and know that it is going to find that show regardless of its airing time. The recording always starts about 1 minute before the scheduled time of the recorded show and continues about 10 minutes afterward in case the show is delayed for some reason (I believe this feature is configurable). You have to provide your own hard drive. I used an old 250 GByte hard drive that I removed from an old laptop and put into a portable USB case. So far that has been plenty of storage for me, but Tablo allows for up to 4 TBytes. Eventually, I may have to upgrade because I like to keep the woodworking shows and Primal Grill shows that I record. Check their website for recommendations on brand names that they support. Tablo updates their software regularly and continues to add features, the latest one at this writing being an enhancement to the fast forwarding and rewind feature. They've added snapshots from each 10 second increment for each recorded show so that you can better gage how far you need to fast forward or rewind. Before, you just had to do it blindly. Now I can even trust my wife to control the remote.