weBoost Certified Refurbished Home Room Cell Phone Signal Booster Kit up to 1500 Sq. Ft. (472120R)

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  • P\N: REFURB-472120R
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Works Great!


I live in a metal house. Before the electricity was turned I had signal inside my home. Once the electric was turned on I lost all signal. I could send a text message sometimes. I could not carry on a phone conversation inside my home. Weboost home room has changed that completely! I can now make and receive calls without going outside. I have 3 to 5 bars of 4Glte service all the time. System was easy to install and I would recommend it to anyone with poor signal inside their home.

It works, mostly


My biggest issue is the fact that the outside and inside antennas are supposed to be 50 feet apart horizontally or 20 feet apart vertically and face away from each other. Single story cabin, 22x30. Do the math. No way to configure the set up to meet those requirements and face the outside antenna toward the tower. So, I went from -115/-118 to -109/-112 (when the signal that has a tendency to disappear all together without the booster can even be found). So, even though it is a single room booster, my building is just too small to make it work optimally. It is better than it was, though, so I'm not complaining.

upgrade cell signal not as good as expected.


We installed the booster with minimal gain in signal.

Not recommend


Helped a little bit. But not what I expected have to reboot constantly

From 3Mbps to 22Mbps


This product drastically increased my cellular signal and even reduced cellular latency. I would recommend this quality brand over the many cheaper brands out there.

Not for rural areas


This project is made for suburbs and areas close to town. Rural areas need not waste the money. I had 1-2 bars LTE (which is pretty good this far out) and this did nothing to help. Just a bad as before.

well worth the $


we just hooked up the weboost at our vacation home today. Went from one bar (if we were lucky) to a solid 4 bars instantly. easy to install on the side of the covered porch and ran cable through window using window cable provided. So happy to have consistent cell service the woods now.

I would recomend this product for the coverage area in add


I setup my unit in a 5th wheel. It is on a lot and never moves. I have been running with 1 to 2 bars for many years and with the new trend of using a hot spot on my phone to stream movies it was very intermittent. After installing the weBoost Home Room I am running 4 bars consistantly and the movie streams are seamless. I pointed the antenna in the general direction of the know location of my carriers antenna and have not done the fine tune adjustment yet.. Seem to be a great product for the small area of a 40 foot 5th Wheel.

I returned the home room booster


Not at all what I needed. I needed something portable to bring to work with me (and couldn't leave at work, so had to be able to be set up and taken down daily ) I explained to one of the representatives exactly what I was doing and what it was needed for. I was very disappointed

I really wanted to believe this would work


Our typical home signal is somewhere in the neighborhood of -115 db. For the amount of money put into this signal booster im extremely disappointed. By the map, our antenna is pointing right at our closest tower. We have followed all directions and recommendations in the installation and our signal is still unreliable at best. These signal booster kits may work well for someone who already has half way decent signal, but if youre trying to boost poor or weak signal, SAVE YOUR MONEY. I feel like for the improvement seen with this kit, weve been completely ripped off. Not to say anything poorly against weboost but i think we all know there isnt exactly any reason these kits are $400+ other than the fact that people without signal will pay greatly to improve it. Save your time, effort and money and run far far away from this signal booster.