weBoost Home MultiRoom Cellular Booster Kit (470144)

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It's ok not great


It replaced the previous model that died after 5 years. Seems a little stronger than previous model but still can only be used within 10 feet of internal antenna.

Does not work for us. Breaks up, No one can understand us.


we had to buy a 50ft. cable, as 30 ft. was not sufficient for a small 1200 sq. ft. home. we are in a very limited tower area, our neighbor gets better reception than we do without a booster. We can hear, but they cannot hear us. It may work for some, but not for us.

I would buy it again!!!!


Signal went from 1 bar to 4bars. Can stream videos now. Great product.

I need to return it doesn't help where I'm at


Need to return it thanks

Question to others


We get internet by using our phones as hotspots.the connection is rather slow. Will this extender help? Neither cable nor fios is available at this location now.

5G Ready but they forgot the asterisk


I am rural and my cell tower is about 4 miles away. I had about 1 bar of reception in my house and about 2-3 outside (-120/-110 dbm respectively) so I fall in the category of someone who does need the extra push to have a stable cell phone connection. Problem is, this booster underperformed by a long shot. I have tried multiple different antenna locations on posts either 5 ft, 10 ft, or 15 ft off the ground and the best I was able to get was to get my indoor reception to about -100 while standing next to the indoor antenna. For me on tmobile, the best band that I could boost was 4g band 12 and it got my download speed from .5 mbps to about 1 mbps. If I simply forced my phone onto 4g band 71, I would routinely get 3-5 mbps. And this booster doesn't do band 71 (fcc hasn't approved boosting band 71 yet due to sunsetting of TV stations using that frequnecy). So realistically, I am better off forcing my phone to 4g band 71 and hoping it doesn't get too congested. Even still, I have a Verizon Hotspot (not 5g, so I couldn't test that) that is routinely on band 13 and had no improvement on throughput with this device, and it isn't due to congestion because its through stayed at about 500kbps-1000 kbps with or without the booster on. Now the 5g part. Based on the frequencies listed that this system can boost, that means it can only boost 2 (n2 and n5) of the 8 (n2, n5, n40, n41, n66, n71, n260, n261) 5g bands in the US. Oh, by the way, only ATT and Verizon use n2/n5, so if you are on tmobile or sprint, this product it not 5g ready for you. Seems like there should be an asterisk here letting tmobile/sprint users this product will only do some of the 4g bands for you. I was originally going to give this a 2 star review since they gave the frequencies it operates on which just causes more leg work for the end use to match carrier to booster to phone, but after hitting submit the system denied it and said I needed to disable my ad blocker for fraud prevention (even though I have to give up my email address to verify the review?) and then deleted my whole submission.

Fantastic product


Wished we had purchased it 2 years earlier. Went from no cellphone service inside the house to 3-4 bars in the house after WeBoost install.

I would not


Does not work

Great product!


We are now able to receive messages and phone calls inside our home.

Awesome Product!


We are in a metal building with no windows, the minute we plugged in our Multi Room booster, we had service, before we had no signal, it is great !