weBoost Home MultiRoom Cellular Booster Kit (470144)

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Warm and dry


I can actually make/recieve a call from the comfort of my couch. Before service was so poor we had to go outside or maybe in the garage to communicate with callers

No more dropped calls!


For years we have had from one to no bars inside out house as we sit in a low spot in the country. Our Sim card was seeing a -116 to 117 db year around, but if we were to walk out to the middle of the county road that passes by the front of out house we could generally make a call with out dropping it. I finally ordered the mullti room WEBOOST and it raised our db reading to a -60 to 70 through out our house, no more dropped calls, and we are able to use out cell phone day and night without having to go out into inclement weather. I highly recommend WEBOOST to any one needing to boost their cell phone signal in their home.

Great improvement


I rennovated a 60+ year old 40 x 80 pole barn to be my work shop/Man Cave and after installing a new metal roof, insulation, insulated doors, and metal liner...I have little to no cell service inside the building. My signal outside was good at an average of 3 bars but inside it was 0-1 bar. After installing the weboost system my inside signal went to 5 bars and reception is great! Now I can do everything I need to do with my phone including streaming music. I balked at the price for awhile but now I'm glad I went for it. Very timely delivery...Clear instructions...Complete installation kit...and easy to install. No regrets at this point.

Works great at our cabin; would definitely buy again!


We have one bar (occasionally) of LTE service at our cabin in northern Minnesota without this product. Cell phones can only be used in certain spots within the building — mostly voice only. But with the Weboost multi room product installed: 1. We're able to use phones anywhere in the cabin (upstairs or downstairs). 2. I'm able to work on my laptop for my day job. 3. My son is able to do distance-learning. It works wonderfully. We highly recommend!

I would buy it again


It works exactly as advertised. A little over priced for what it does, but still better than switching providers.

Good reception, but quite a bit of install.


Had to use a ladder! in winter

I don't have to listen to my wife complain anymore


We live in an area where the nearest cell tower is 5 miles away. We have always had a week signal ,but learned to live with it ,often having to run outside to send a text message. A couple months ago we had a metal roof put on the house and that destroyed the signal completely. As soon as I got the weboost system set up I was able to send a photo text message from my basement, Very happy!

Still in Testing Mode


Installed several days ago. Metal roof and away from any towers make a booster totally necessary. We are getting two bars on the cell phone in the house now where as before, none, until we were outside and away from house at least 50 feet. Getting text messages and able to send as well. None before. This is the 2nd booster I have purchased from weboost. Think the first one may have been stronger, but probably just the location. At least we can communicate now! Would have liked about 10-15 more ft of cable.

Went from iffy service, to strong signal


We live in a rural area, and were lucky to get 1 bar of signal in our house. My Android device wasn't so bad, but my daughter mainly had to go outside to make calls with her iPhone. (Plug for Android) We also don't have any good internet options, so we try to use the hotspot on our phones a lot, and the speeds were usually not that great. More technically, we had around -112 dbm signal on my Android device. After the install, my Android device shows as good as -89 at times, and usually doesn't get any worse than -95 or so. Throughput is MUCH better. There is only one reason I didn't go on up to 5 stars. The installation. OnTech sent someone out the evidently had no clue how these work, even though he talked a great game. He installed the outside antenna pointing pretty much directly at the indoor antenna, and placed them too close together in the first place. A short time after he left, all the lights on the booster had gone red, and we had nothing. I called weboost tech support, which was awesome, and they told me how messed up the install was just from my description. I called OnTech and made them send someone else to fix it. The new guy was the first guy's supervisor, and he said that guy was in for a real chewing out. Anyhow, after all that, this thing is awesome. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this product to someone with poor cell signal, and already have, as a matter of fact. Thank you for your great product.



Had 1-0 bars of service outside. Now have 3-4 bars let inside can call and text with ease Only complaint is with I phone it's difficult to find cell tower to point antenna. Used a friends android to accomplish