weBoost Home MultiRoom Cellular Booster Kit (470144)

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We live in a cellular dead zone, the most signal I could get in the house was 1 bar LTE. If I jumped up and ran outside to one spot I could get 2-3 bars and sometimes answer the call. So now with the WeBoost I get 1-3 bars of 4G inside the house. No more running out in the front door to answer my phone!

It works.


We live in area that blocks the majority of cell signals from inside our home. The exterior mount allowed us to grab that weak signal and blast it into three main rooms, reducing our dropped and glitchy calls. I'm glad we purchased this product.

Skeptic tuned BELIEVER. Amazing product.


We bought a house one year ago that is in an absolute dead spot. Our Verizon service has been a nightmare as calls dropped constantly if we could even find a spot with enough reception to make a call. I really hesitated spending the money on the WeBoos MultiRoom because I thought there was no way it would actually help. At the end of my rope, I spent the money yesterday and could not be more impressed with the results. Without any experience, I managed to install the antenna and point it towards the nearest tower and got instant results. I went from zero bars to full bars when I powered up the booster. I had to install on the far side of my 4500 square foot house, but the signal is strong clear across the house. My only regret is that I was skeptical for so long. If I would have bought it sooner, I would have saved myself a ton of grief. The instructions and installation are straightforward and manageable. The results are amazing.

Returning it


Too much oscillation to work correctly.

WeBoost Multiroom Cellular Booster


We are beyond happy with our purchase. We live in the country where we couldn't get good reception. We were unable to answer calls on our cellular phones. With WeBoost, we can now answer calls and have not experienced call drops. We are seeing 3 and 4 g. This has been a tremendous benefit since I started working at home. Very much worth the cost. I wish we would have purchased sooner, but we were scared to invest the money and wasn't sure it would work. So glad we took the chance.

I would buy this product again


It improved our service tremendously. We have 3-4 bars on our phones.



I didn't think it makes the signal enough for me to be able to use to work from home which is why I bought it.

Totally works for us - Yes, i would buy it again!


We bought the self install multi room booster. And it works! I was so happy. I work from home and our cell service is spotty at best the WeBoost system really made a difference. I rarely have a cell phone call problem now. The only reason I gave it 4 stars vs 5 stars was the bracket for install on the roof wasn't large enough to go over our stand pipe so I had to come up with another method to hang the outdoor antenna.

We love it


This booster works just as they said we had no service on our phone because of metal roof on our home. If outside you could get 1 or 2 bars now inside the service is better than outside we can watch movies through our phone at times we have three bars in the house this has made it so much better for our kids using the internet for school on iPads we absolutely love it . I'm actually sitting in my living room writing this review!!

No Improvement


I installed the exterior and interior units is several places in the house trying to get a better cell signal but it did not improve our signal strength no matter where the exterior antenna or interior antenna were located. Very disappointed with the product. It did not make any difference at all.