weBoost Home MultiRoom Cellular Booster Kit (470144)

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We are getting better signal.


My signal went from 1 or no bars. To 4 or 5 bars but only if you're within 10 feet of the Inside antenna.

The verdict is still out.


I have made adjustments with both antennas to be sure distances are what they should be, along with adjustments with the direction of the out side antenna. Starts out with 4 bars then changes all the time, down to 1 or 2 bars. Don't know what else to do? Does it have anything to do with my service carrier? Is it affected by the weather? I have better reception, but not what I expected. At this point I would not recommend this to anyone who lives where I do. Any suggestions appreciated. Thank you.



I have yet to install the system. I sent you an email asking if you could refer me to an installer. The installation is more than I was my friend it would be. Please send me a referral if you know of one in the Temecula area.

I wish I bought it sooner.


It took a bit of work to get the antenna aimed, and cellmapper showed that I wasn't in the broadcast area for the tower that I was connected to, but I had 1-2 bars with 1-3 Mbps speed before, and then consistently 2-3 bars and 5-10 Mbps after, which doesn't seem like much, but I can now stream movies without issues. I don't know how or why, but in the last month or so, the cellmapper shows that the towers broadcast area does cover my house, and I currently have 4 bars with 29.5 Mbps. I've gone 4 years without internet or decent cell service, and I am finally happy with something usable, I have been looking for a booster for years, but could only find the internet based repeaters, so I gave up. My coworker mentioned that he got a cheap ebay booster, so I started looking again and found weboost. The price is a little steep, but the equipment looks and feels like it's made well. I've recommended this product to everyone who mentions they have poor service, my parents are even considering getting the RV model for their trailer. Your mileage may vary, but it's worth a try.

Not Listed in Specs, but Works with Bands 66 and 26 as well!


Works with Band 26 and Band 66. Not officially listed in specs, but both Band 26 (a superset of Band 5) and Band 66 (a superset of Band 4) work 100%

Portland Oregon Metro "Dead Zone"


We live on the river just south of Downtown Portland. Verizon is our carrier and with a tower just several blocks from us. We are in what they are calling " less that optimum area" because of the drop in elevation and trees by the river. On any given day, several times a day, we would have signal loss enough that no data was available on our cell phones. We use them exclusively for internet etc. It became so frustrating fighting with Verizon to solve the problem and no solution was found.... UNTIL... we bought the Home Multi Room and installed. BINGO.. the signal bars instantly went from 2 to a steady 4. The data is lightning fast now with no drop off...I now feel like I'm actually getting my $ worth out of the phone. I'm so impressed with this unit and company that we are installing one in our Rv for remote travels. Also, their customer support is the best I have experienced in a long long time.

Works Great


I was skeptical, did lots of research... We use to have good service at our house had no issues streaming videos via our phone hot spots hooking up Netflix to the TV etc, until a year ago a storm came thru damaging a tower which I called Verizon and they tell me there is no problems with any towers..... SO went from good internet to NO SIGNAL, couldnt even send a text message with a picture or video..... I bought the multi room praying it would help but knowing not to give my hopes up. The install on this was super easy, we fired it up and instant signal and I have waited a month to do a review and to this day I can stream any movies I want with NO problems!!!! This is the best purchase ever, do not heaitate. (( We also live out in the country ))

Beyond my expectations


Easy to install, going up the ladder for the outside antenna was the hardest part for this old guy. My expectations were hopeful at best. To my amazement we went from 0-2 bars to now 3-4 bars on our cell phones. Even able to hotspot to our internet now at a much faster rate than our satellite. So that will save us about $75 a month, as we can now drop satellite internet. Thank you WEboost for a great product.

Question :


would this one work in a camper better then the RV one ? Anyone have experience?

Easier to install than I feared


We have T-mobile and live way outside of town. We had two bars outside and one, or less inside. We both work at home and this was a problem. We loved T-mobile but this was causing problems for us. I had no idea these existed until I saw a YouTube video with some folks who had a booster in their RV. I was a bit concerned about installation, especially the distance requirements (separating the outdoor and indoor antennas) but had to try something so we gave it a shot. I was able to set it up temporarily in about an hour to try it out. We went from 1 or 2 bars inside to 3 or 4. We were almost dancing in the street over that, or at least almost dancing on our dirt road. I then took a couple of hours to install it permanently in a SIP panel house with a SIP roof (an important detail I think). The most difficult part of figuring out how to configure it so that we had proper separation. Should also say that we have a relatively small house, 1400 sq. ft in a single story so it almost didn't work for us. It did take a few day so of thinking to figure out how to make it work. It's fantastic and we are both so happy we have found this, wish I had heard of it years ago. Went from about 4 Mbs (when we could get service inside) to over 35 Mbs on our phones.