Winegard 2-Way Dual TV Antenna Coupler Combiner (CC-7870)

  • Brand: Winegard
  • P\N: CC7870
  • UPC: 615798100285
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10 reviews

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Large transformer inside along with two capacitors, a resistor, and a smaller transformer. Combines two antennas with power pass-through to one.


The parts inside are larger than the items inside a typical splitter/combiner and so they probably have better performance. My UHF antenna is separate from the VHF and I had an obsolete 7777 amplifier with two inputs. This combiner with no amplifier gives me adequate signal strength on all UHF and VHF channels.

Awesome. Reliable. Strong. Steady. Stable. Great Pricing. What more do you even need?


Well I've had this so long that I couldn't even find my solidsignal receipt in my email archive. That's like 7 years ago. It's held up to extreme nasty temperatures, never hiccuped or had any issues. Would recommend VERY much. Have it hooked up to 2 attic antennas, each about 30' away from the combiner. Signal then goes another 20' to amp, then to a 12-way splitter for runs up to 100' long. All TV's everywhere get 30+ HD channels from 2 distinct metro areas over 50 miles away. Take that Comcast!!!!

The winegard combiner works great.


The combiner worked as advertised and I am completely satisfied with it.

Would give it 0 stars if possible!


This device never combined the signal from my two antennas and since I did not install it within 30 days I cannot even return it now. I installed this device near the top of my 50 foot tripod tower bringing together my 100 mile radio shack antenna pointed towards Dallas with a 60 mile solid signal antenna pointed towards southern Oklahoma to get my local stations. I am able to get the signal from my large antenna that has a pre-amp through the combiner, but no signal is received from the smaller antenna. I have changed the cables from the small antenna (all cables are quad shield) and verified that it does function by hooking it directly into a television. But no signal from the smaller antenna is ever combined into the main cable moving into the house. When talking to the tech help people they all stated that this device does not work as advertised quite often and it was not a surprise to them. So beware that Solid Signal is selling a device that their own tech people know is dysfunctional and if it's not installed within 30 days so you can see it fail you also can't get your money back! I have installed multiple long distance antenna's all with pre-amps over the last 35 years and have done all of the wiring of them. The only reason this was not installed sooner is my wife almost has a heart attack when I am hanging on top of a 50 foot tower at my age!

Works fine.Id buy it again.


Id buy it again.

A Great Antenna Coupler...


This the best coupler for co-phasing two antennas together I have found and I have tried several..Channel A let you run a preamp thru it.Channel B is passive.I run a UHF antenna with a preamp thru channel A..And a VHF/UHF antenna thruchannel B. With the preamp before the coupler.Works great very little if any signal loss...

Double antenna connection.


Easy to install. Two antennas into one connection worked very well.

Works like a charm.


Got one of these couplers and used the Solid Signal Xtreme Signal HDB91x High Definition Blade Xtreme VHF/UHF TV Antenna along with an older antenna. Both antennas were mounted in the attic about 25 feet above ground. I picked up channel 5 in Mobile that is over 71 miles away. I was very impressed with both coupler and antenna.

Works as Described


Long term reliability is the big concern since it is mounted high atop the mast. So far all is well.

Great product


Antenna coupler performed perfectly...Solid Signals recommendation wasright on!