Winegard Boost XT 20dB Pre-Amp for Outdoor HDTV Antennas (LNA-200)

  • Brand: Winegard
  • P\N: LNA-200
  • UPC: 615798401580
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18 reviews

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This Pre-amp is worth it!!


I hooked it up to my Hdb91x and I pickup 1 more station that I wasn't getting and it also strengthened all my other channels, but the real surprise was the next morning I thought I would try to scan in some distance channels and it did the job. I was able to get all Columbus,Oh stations that are 100 miles away tropo. Eventhough I can't get them all the time I now have them scanned in my tuner when I get a skip,which so far has been every morning since I added this pre amp. If you want to add stability to your existing channels and be able to pickup distant channels from time to time this pre amp is the way to go.Also the one LP station, I now get a signal to the south where as before I could only get it pointed directly to the transmitter NW of me.This pre amp made a huge difference for me. I'm ecstatic at the results.

Replaced vintage PS-7000 with this unit!


My old system, installed by the previous home owner, blew over in a storm. I replaced everything but the amplifier and the rotator. The PS-7000 was needed, but old. This unit was just installed, a Solid Signal Deal of the Day. Signal strength is better on all channels, but has been particularly improved on channels that are about 60 degrees off of the new antenna's direction. I will not need to replace the rotator because of this. Very satisfied! For reference, I am receiving signal from Chicago (40 miles) and South Bend, Indiana (30 miles).

Stuck between buildings and get reception now. Same as the other side of building,but more stations. Thanks


The other tennants told me I couldn't get any tv on my side of the building, because of the chruch. They were wrong.

Added per specs from this company


Installed with new antenna and booster and everything is working great. Cannot not tell how much this helped but best channels we have ever recieved

Great product


We live in a very rural, mountainous area (closest transmission tower is 120 miles). Without the help of an amplifier, such as the LNA-200 it would be impossible to receive any signal in most areas.

Added 13 channels!!


I am really happy with this product.I live 35 miles from any major city and was having a rough time getting 10 channels,I now get 23!Very satisfied!

Works well (seems to), P/S radiates RFI


Install (4 days ago) included new UHF & VHF antennas at higher elevation. Noticeably better signal and more channels, but atmospheric changes over the day may account for signal changes. Sometime when Boston fades out, Providence RI(!) comes in. BUT the power supply throws out ENORMOUS amount of RFI especially noticeable on the lower AM band making non-local AM radio unlistenable. This would have lowered my rating more but I am hoping Winegard can fix this.

This is a great preamp!


I thought I would give this preamp a try in place of the low noise multimedia amplifier that I have been using. Even though the signal strength hasn't increased with this preamp, the signal quality has significantly improved. Some of the weaker stations that used to pixelate badly or drop out are now completely clear. Other stations that didn't come in at all now come in weak. I am getting signal strengths between 90 and 100 on stations over 60 miles away with an indoor db4e antenna. This preamp will now be my first choice for any initial antenna connection. One thing to watch out for though. Be careful with the power inserter. It appears to be very fragile so don't attempt to screw the connectors on too tight.