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Winegard FlatWave Air Amplified Outdoor TV Antenna with Mount (FL6550A)

  • Brand: Winegard
  • P\N: FL6550A
  • UPC: 615798401474
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The low-profile design and industry-leading low-noise amp make the FlatWave a popular choice for HD reception. It's built to pick up high-VHF and UHF stations within a 45° angle for up to 60 miles. The FlatWave Air uses a simple J-mount that can attach to roofs, decks, under-eaves and walls for easy installation.

One of the stand-out features is the ultra-low noise amplifier. For the non-technical, low-noise means a clean signal, and for TV reception that means clearer signal and stronger reception. The big benefit of this is amp is that it makes up for most signal loss that is normally incurred on cable runs and splitters.

Key Features

  • Up to 60-mile range reception on high-VHF and UHF channels
  • Low-noise amplifier makes up for signal loss from long cable runs and splitters
  • TwinAmp technology boosts VHF/UHF separate for a pure signal path
  • Included mounting hardware offers a variation of mounting styles to fit most needs
  • Backed by a one-year limited warranty

What's Included

  • FlatWave Air antenna with built-in amplifier
  • Flex mounting system J-mount
  • Mast clamp
  • Power inserter
  • USB power cable (attaches power adapter to power inserter)
  • 110V power adapter

TwinAmp Technology delivers extraordinary performance and signal accuracy TwinAmp Technology separately amplifies VHF and UHF signals. This reduces intermodulation, thereby maintaining the purest signal path possible. Bandpass filters remove unwanted RF interference for unsurpassed performance. True HD, better than cable, satellite and streaming Get the highest quality picture with no compression. HDTV broadcasts also offer room filling ultra realistic 5.1 channel digital surround sound. Revolutionary technology for optimal TV receptionThis ultra compact, sleek design features an integrated reflector and ultra low noise split-band preamplifier to provide stunning near Blu-ray quality HD programming, without monthly programming fees. Bandpass filters eliminate out of band interference. Clear Circuit Technology provides ultra low noise at 1 dB typical. Plus, TwinAmp Technology separately amplifies VHF and UHF signals for superior signal selectivity. FlatWave Air is best suited for TV reception up to 60 miles and mounts outdoors or in the attic with the included flex mounting system. Minimal assembly required.


WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

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Great antenna


Great antenna can receive signal up to 90 miles away over slightly hilly Ohio terrain. Mount on end of garage point at weaker station (7o miles) and side lobes will pick up staions only 40 miles away. I also have one in a room without common antenna connector for house mounted antenna, Have it on a piece of pine board it works as good as the one mounted outdoors.

Surprising great antenna!


I wasn't sure how well this antenna was going to perform but I was greatly surprised! Nice compact design, clean looking. Not big and bulky. I live 25 miles SW of Chicago and my signal is 90 to 100 percent for all local Chicago stations(CBS,NBC,ABC,WGN,PBS,WFLD, CH26,38,44,50,62 and more). And that's with 7 TV's on a splitter.The signal tower is maybe 22.5 miles away. Installed outside on the chimney. Well worth the price!

This a follow up to my previous review(March 2015) on after moving the Antennas out side mounted at the corner of the house.


I removed the antennas from the attic and mounted outdoor today. I checked the performance of FL6550A and RCA751 separately Both units performed exceptionally well. FL6550 A installation was easier. I am getting full strength in signals for most channels(using the TV signal analyses test that most Digital TVs have. The reception is about 3Db stronger compared to previous Attic installation. I will recommend to this Antenna for short and medium range TV transmission stations.( mine is under 40 miles.

Compact world class Antenna, self contained with essential Low noise Pre-Amp,very Easy to installwith only two bolts/screws. Deliver high clarity pictures, surpassing many competitive products in its class. Very delighted with its outstanding performance.


Using The TV FOOL software and FCC ( http://transition.fcc.gov/mb/engineering/dtvmaps/) I reviewed the signal analyses plots, and data of various TV stations ( in Boston and Manchester NH). I noticed most of the stations are within 40 miles range but in diagonally opposite directions. It suggested that I should be able to receive at least 30 to 40 stations with properly selected Antenna installation. Recent reviews by Antenna experts of many antennas suggested that Winegard FL6550A ( 13 X 13 ) with built in very Low Noise amplifier similar to ( winegard LNA-200 design) and AUDIOVAX RCA ANT751R (it needs an external preamp) have excellent performance ratings. My existing setup by Antenna Direct 91XG with AP8275 pre-amp, had problem receiving Channels 4, 7 and 9( moderate VHF channels). I attribute it to 91XG primarily tailored for UHF channels and old design vintage. It’s performance is less than satisfactory for me. It was, mounted outdoor very high, facing the TV transmitters. Bottom line, I bought both ANT 751R( plus LNA-200) and Winegard FL6550A ( with built in ANA) from Solid Signal, so that I can install them in the Attic. I checked out each one of them separately within the house, in the direction of Boston and Manchester . I was surprised that I was able to get all the suggested 50 plus TV channels, per TV fool and FCC.Gov tools, as an indoor installation. I could have settled for any one of the two antennas. However, I installed both antennas in the Attic facing two different directions, combined the signals that feeds 4 different rooms about 125 to 150 feet plus splitter losses. This also provides an additional 3 dB gain for in-phase stations that are captured by both antennas. 1. The quality of the pictures and colors are exceptional ( I attribute to LNA low noise amps) and the strong signal capture. 2. I receive 54 channels with strong signals with crystal clarity and sharpness. 3. The Antenna design concepts have advanced a lot compared to older versions with big elements and directors. 4. My experiments showed, under identical installation conditions, both Winegard FL6550A and RCA ANT751R outperformed 91Xg multi-element Yagi Antenna, under indoor, porch, attic or outdoor installation conditions for my location. ( I tried them in all these locations). Winegard Fl6550A is a bit better in all locations than RCA ANT 751R. 5. The installation of the smaller, light weight Antennas are very easy and uncomplicated for anyone . Both Solid Signal and Winegard Customer, Technical support and shipment staff were outstanding. On a warm spring day, I plan to move the antennas from Attic to outdoors to get additional signal capture and range.

The Winegard FL6550A was a good purchase. Works great. And Solid Signal was very helpful.


I purchased the Winegard FL6550A 3/3/15 from SolidSignal.com. They ship fast, & have good Tech Support people that can answer your questions before & after the sale. When I received it, I spent 3 days trying to get it set up, and I could not get any UHF signal at all, no matter where or how high I put it. I finally gave up & called Solid Signal Tech Support, I explained everything to the gent that I spoke with, & he said that it sounded like a problem with the antenna itself, he had me call Winegard Tech Support for a second opinion. I spoke to James Chase at Winegard, (very helpful)& he agreed that it was the UHF side of the antenna that could have had a solder point that came loose or something. He then said that he could send me another one to replace the defective one, & did, with a return label to return the defective antenna. I received it this past Friday. I installed it, & was up and going in no time. With the original antenna I was thinking I was doing something wrong. I guess I am kind of stubborn sometimes,& will not give up. I should have known that something was wrong the first day, because the FL6550A is very simple to install, & aim with AntennaWeb.org calculations. (There could be 1000 of anything on a warehouse shelf, & if there is a bad one, I will get it).This Winegard Fl6550A antenna works very good in this area. I am getting 16 channels,(feeding 3 TV'S) (2)VHF-H & all of the UHF signals for this area, all of the major stations. I did not much care about reaching way out for other stations that are all duplicates anyway. I would like to say that I have been a Service Tech for over 40 Years in electronic & electromechanical equipment, and I cannot say enough, how pleased I am with Solid Signal & Winegard Tech Support & Customer Service. They are the best, & they don't run you around in circles until the return policy time runs out. That is hard to find these days.

Great buy and very satisfied with results


Bought this antenna about 2 months ago after reading positive reviews. It was installed temporarily on wall halfway to soffit facing north toward chicago. Getting 51 channels and all channels come crystal clear better than cable.I can hardly wait to install it permanently higher up just below soffit and see what other channels I will get. Installation is very simple .Just remove cable wire and plug in winegard cable along with booster. I was so happy with results that I immediately cancelled cable service for which I was payng over $80 a month. No more cable bill!!!



I live in a Senior building. Cable rates too high to afford. Since getting this antenna I now get 87 channels for free. I mounted it on a 4' pipe and put into an umbrella stand. Works perfect. Many other residents are going to purchase this antenna. I am very pleased.

Easy to set up, quality brackets. Doesn't get as many stations as a less expensive unit I wanted to replace


Ordered in Sept for a second home. Couldn't try it until late Nov. While the unit appears to be well made with solid mounting bracket, it only gets about half the station that a less expensive antenna currently receives. It is also very directional, limiting the number of stations that are 20-40 degrees from sighting line. Location is about 45-60 miles from desired network stations. Suspect it would work better if I was closer.



I have been exclusively using the OTA TV signals for over 10 years. I was a bit skeptical when I first looked at this antenna, I had tried a couple of different flat antennas before and neither was worth anything in my location. I have been using an ancient, huge, old style antenna and it worked but not well and I had lots of clearance issues getting it up very high on my heavily wooded lot, plus, it was falling apart, I tried to patch it back together but finally gave up. On a google search I came across this antenna so I looked into it. I read all the reviews I could find on this Winegard 6550A and almost all were positive, and of the few negative ones, I could tell that most of those were due to other issues, so I took the plunge and ordered. I'm glad I did, this is the best working DTV antenna I have ever used. I have it mounted to the side of my house using a 20 foot tall pole and after scanning it picked up 103 channels. And some of those are from stations well over 70 miles away and some not in the direction the antenna is even pointed! Now, I will say that those fringe area and off angle channels are fairly weak on signal strength, but I'm sure that if they were channels I wanted I could adjust the aim and pull them in better. But for the channels I was most interested in pulling in this thing works great, pulls a strong signal on all of them. I actually live a ways northeast of Houston and the TV towers are on the southwest side of town, about 56 miles from my house, so even though all the big buildings and trees are between my house and the towers I am still able to pull in a great signal. I am very happy with this antenna so far, hope it lasts me a long time!

Nice little antenna


I can certainly recommend this antenna. It works great. I replaced my Channel Master 3018 radial antenna because it was too directional for my 'wants'. The FlatWave Outdoor Amplified antenna reportedly has an 80+ degree beamwidth, which is great for me to get the Boston and Providence transmissions. I have it on a mast about 25 feet up. Nice little antenna. I'm very happy with it.