Winegard FreeVision Compact High Power DTV TV Antenna (FV-HD30)

  • Brand: Winegard
  • P\N: FV-HD30
  • UPC: 615798399542
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15 reviews

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Excellent RV or short range RF 7-36 antenna


The Winegard HD30 is very well built to last for many years in harsh conditions and is HOA friendly. And if used with the Winegard boost preamp it can even be used at distances that rival antennas many times larger.

Makes a better indoor antenna than the indoor antennas!


Bought this in an attempt to get stronger signals from my local stations. Tried rabbit ears and the modern square amplified flat antenna. Rabbits could not get CBS and NBC, the stations I wanted. The square flat antenna could get CBS, barely, and NBC but the signal was weak and the video would lag. So I bought the Winegard FreeVision FV-HD30, thinking Winegard has made antennas for a long time (since 1948), maybe this will work. And boy was I surprised at just how well it does work. I get many more channels and CBS and NBC come in strong - no lag, no signal dropouts. I did have to mount this as high as possible on my north facing bedroom wall to get CBS and NBC, which was about 13 or 14 feet above ground. I live in a second floor apartment with an apartment above me and one in the front between me and the broadcast towers and I am still able to get a strong signal. It helps that the broadcast towers are all within a 22 mile range. It was a huge surprise for me to find that this outdoor antenna was so much better than the so-called indoor ones. I should add that I have this hooked up to a USB WinTV dual tuner connected to my computer so I can watch TV! The antenna mounts just fine to the wall with a couple long nails or screws, should you decide to use it indoors, which most of us apartment dwellers must do. Anyway, absolutely love this antenna, and am so glad I took the risk in buying it! It's excellent.

Will last


I was expecting better out of Winegard. the elements are solid & not hollow this is a poor VHF even when amplified. UHF is so so but no range. For the same money you can buy the HD 1080 also built by Winegard it is a bowtie configuration when amplified does far better!!

Amazing Antenna!


This is a truly amazing antenna for its small size. I picked it up at a local store. I first mounted it on an old satellite J-mount which was about 10' above ground. Reception was OK but there was a lot of pixelation. I then stuck a 6' mast in the J-mount to put it up higher. I gained one bar of signal strength on all channels and there is no pixelation now. I pick up 18 channels crystal clear by pointing it toward the Southwest. A great buy and no cable or satellite bill! Why pay for something which is free?

Great antenna and great buying experience in purchase from Solid Signal


This is a great antenna, I live in the suburbs of a city and I have some stations that are nearby and some are weak powered and others about 30 miles away and this new antenna pulls them all in. This antenna gives me about 7 more channels than my old antenna and today was windy and even on the weak powered channels I get a good picture without much signal loss. Very quick handling and shipping from Solid Signal, got my antenna in 3 business days. Thank you SS !

This is an amazing antenna.


I bought this to replace my Terk antenna which performed very poorly after moving to a new location in my complex. I was only able to receive ONE channel without dropouts in the reception. I bought the FV-HD30 in hopes I would be able to pick up the two VHF channels that I couldn't receive at all, no matter how I positioned the old antenna. I couldn't believe the number of channels I was receiving with this antenna. I am receiving EVERY channel in my area without any problems with the antenna indoors, however I put it on my porch just to keep it out of sight in my living room. With the antenna outside, I get a few channels outside my area that I wasn't getting before. This antenna does everything that Winegard says it does. I highly recommend this antenna to anyone with reception problems in an urban area.

Awesome right out of the box


Replaced my big old antenna by mounting this on existing pole.Used Antenna Web for directionality installed in30 minutes including finding the ladder to get to the roof. Get 15 incredibly clear FREE channels for less than 1 month of cable even with all the tall trees and mountains around me. So far heavy snow and freezing hasnt affected it.

Great Antennia


Very good antennia . Get channels I never got before . very clear picture

great indoors alternative to rabbit ears


I made several purchases of amplified indoor antennas - rabbit ears or flat square styles.I found they were not significantly better than unamplified rabbit ears so it was frustrating to spend the time buying them trying them and returning them.There were some marginal channels with the unamplified rabbit ears and they needed to be placed very precisely otherwise channels would be dropping

works great


I only live about 15 miles from the signal towers and can see them from my roof top but the reception with rabbit ears and 3 other set top antennas have been horrible. I even bought and returned a 50 mile attic antenna with no success. Everything I read and everyone I talked to said a set top antenna would work but they didnt. I decided to take a chance on the winegard freevision after reading th