Winegard Outdoor HDTV Antenna VHF UHF 45 Miles (HD7694P)

  • Brand: Winegard
  • P\N: HD7694P
  • UPC: 615798398446
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34 reviews

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Excellent RF 7-36 antenna


In my tests the Winegard HD7694 out performed antennas twice it's size and easily out performed antennas claiming 4 times the range. It is very well built and designed to last for many years.

Works well from 45 miles out


I'm in a far west suburb of Chicago, about 40 - 45 miles out. I wanted to find the smallest antenna that would give me the most reliable results. So far, this Winegard has done that. I get all the Chicago stations, including WBBM CBS 2! It's currently mounted outside on the roof of our 2-story house. This far out, an antenna in the attic just won't cut it for all the stations, especially the high-VHF ones.

Reception 45 FT below the road surrounded by heavy fir trees on a shelf


Incredible. Works Sun or Rain with no blipping or freezing coupled with a Radio Shack 30 DB amplifier. 12 miles from towers through heavy vegetation.

Perfect small antenna


I bought this antenna after Hurricane Michael took out my channel master 3671 I was very surprised of how easy it was to install this antenna I have it also hooked up to FM stereo I have 2 amps this little antenna picks up real good it will definitely surprise you for the price I couldn’t believe it for the money this antenna is an excellent choice I love the cartridge assembly it’s quick and simple and perfect picture and sound .

Pulling in all the San Diego network stations in the north county.


Eave mounted, pointed directly at Mt. Soledad, with LNA-200 Amp, receiving 8, 10, 15, 39, 51 & 69. I have considerable terrain masking to Mt. Soledad, (23 miles) making the VHF channels susceptible to degradation in rainy wx. The UHF channels receive well with good LOS (34 miles). Considering the results I got with several reception prediction web sites (everything from no vhf to all will receive), I'm extremely pleased with these results, and glad I gave it a try.

Alas. Time to replace this gem. It endured 7 years of salty ocean breezes and still pulls in signals from Mount Wilson, 100 miles away.


It has a great forward to aft ratio and that helps keep TVI from Mexico out of my electronic stuff !

An excellent antenna for use in the attic.


Installed my new antenna in the attic and ran it to a 4 way splitter. Without any amplifier, I am able to scan and find 103 digital stations in the DFW area (76137). Very pleased...

A well stocked supplier and a fast shipping dept. Two things I need and they provide.


Shipping is quick but a little on the high side, consider this guys.

Maximum bang for the buck


Winegard makes the best vhf UHF combination antennas on the market The HD7694 has enough beam width to be used without a rotor in most cases yet it produces plenty of gain to pull in the stations

great antennas in a area that is hard to receive good clean signals


Wind storm in November wiped out my original Winegard antenna system. These were large Winegard antennas and they worked well. My area has transmitters in the opposite direction from each other so I use 2 of these antennas and a Winegard signal combiner that feeds through the house to a Channel Master 8 port amplified splitter. I space the antennas as far apart to which they do not interfere with each other. The down leads from antennas to combiner are exactly the same length. These antennas work well in all kinds of weather. Only heavy fog seems to cause a slight pixilation which is minor. Snow or rain is no issue unless its a worse case storm. These antennas are well worth the money and for me with my transmitters distance of 8 miles away up on a mountain in one direction and 25 miles away up on a mountain the opposite direction. I am also surrounded by tall trees, so that says a lot for the quality of these antennas.