Xtreme Signal 70 Mile VHF/UHF Yagi Outdoor TV Antenna (HDB91X)

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  • P\N: HDB91X
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Great Long Distance Signal.


My Name Is Mark In Savannah,Georgia. With My HDB91X I Can Receive All TV Channels From Charleston/Columbia/Brunswick,Georgia/Jacksonville, Florida/Orlando, Florida/Augusta,Georgia/Macon, Georgia/Albany,Georgia/Atlanta,Georgia Along With All Of Our Savannah/Beaufort,South Carolina Channels.I Have Rg6 Cable/Channel Master cm-7777hd Booster Amp/Remote Control Antenna Rotor/Antenna Mounted On The Side Of The House Up About 40 Feet In The Air. I Have Talked My Friends In Getting A HDB91X Antenna Too Which They Did And They Are Enjoying Their HDB91X Antenna Too Just Like I Am Also. Thank You God. Thank You Solid Signal/Thank You HDB91X TV Antenna.

no vhf reception period


we have a local channel 9 which is on channel 8 and channel 11 which is on channel 11 neither of these station will come in at all. received antenna late yesterday,installed it temporarily this morning to compare to a small rca uhf/vhf antenna, lost all vhf channels although it made a huge difference in my uhf channels. we are expecting some high winds and even higher gusts so i took it back down until i can get my 40ft tower up. is there any adapter for vhf that will work with this antenna?

Excellent product. One year follow up review.


My old Antennae went down in a storm so I replaced it with this almost a year ago. I'm about 50 miles away from the transmission towers in the nearest city and this is great. They constantly add new channels so rescan every few months. At this point, I get over 75 channels and it doesn't cost a dime. If you live within 70 miles of a large city,it's foolish to pay for cable or satellite.

Great antenna! Pulls in distant stations, both UHF and high VHF.


I decided to get a new antenna to replace my aging AntennaCraft C480 that had some bent elements from stray footballs and started dropping channels. I was a little worried about VHF reception after reading some of the reviews. I'm located 52+ miles from the closest stations. The antenna assembly and installation was super easy. Some of the elements and part of the dipole were bent during shipping, but they straightened out by hand easily. When I hooked it up, I was getting more stations than the old C480 including a VHF station 52 miles away all without any pre-amp and 50+ feet of RG-6 cabling. I've spent this weekend watching football without any drops in signal! If you're in a deep fringe area, give this antenna a try!

HDB91X Verses MXU45Antenna


My Name Is Mark In Savannah, Georgia. With My HDB91X With A Radio Shack Amp I Get Channels From Jacksonville,Fla./Charelston,SC. Myrtle Beach/Columbia/Orlando/Albany,Georgia/Augusta,Ga./Atlanta,Ga.. With My MXU47Antenna With The Same Amp I Could Not Get Albany.Ga/WFXG 54 Augusta/Atlanta,Ga.

Better than expected


I had the 8 bay antenna come down in high winds but had previously purchased and received this Yagi. It went together easily (the video was a big help) and is up about 35 feet. I receive the same 33 channels as had come in with the 8 bay, but the signal strength on all the channels is noticeably more solid with this Yagi. Very impressed!

GREAT Antenna, GREAT Buy- Highly recommended!


More then worth $40 for this antenna, it is Amazing. I am running high quality CE- RG6 cable to it and live a block from Lake Michigan in Milwaukee and can easily pick up (in both clear and rainy weather) the majority of Chicago stations at 80, face it NE and pick up GB channels, turn it East to the lake and pick up Grand Rapids, Muskegon and Kalamazoo, face it West and pick up some Madison stations, including all my channels here in MKE. This is a GREAT Buy and GREAT Antenna! Highly recommend it!! Can easily pick up well over 100 channels with this antenna.

At 50 feet I am receiving over 40 channels mostly from Dallas about 90 miles awayh


Works wonderfully. Stations 90 miles away on the front and 20 miles away on the back for a total of 48 clear stable station reception.

Pleased with this product


I am located along the Coosa River about 58 miles from Birmingham (south) and 58 miles from Montgomery (north). I put this unit about 20ft on my cabin and I pick up 40+- channels from both directions most of the time. No amp needed with this high gain. Recommend for sure!

This is the one you need !


I was previously using a Winegard 7698 with amp and only occasionally picked up signals over 35 miles away. I purchased this installed it without an amp and receive WJKT 54 miles away crystal clear. This antenna has amazing gain but remember it's very directional so the slightest movement can change your results. If you don't know your station's coordinates be sure to research them before attempting to focus this unit. If you live in a fringe area this antenna will get the job done. One final note is to remember it's UHF so if you're also wanting to pick up stations on the VHF band you'll need to pair this with a good quality VHF antenna. Height is also a huge factor in most applications, I have mine mounted on a mast at 43', @ 30' results were diminished considerably. So to sum up, if you're looking for a strong antenna with longer range this one is a strong performer. Thank you Solid Signal !