Xtreme Signal 70 Mile VHF/UHF Yagi Outdoor TV Antenna (HDB91X)

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  • P\N: HDB91X
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very satisfied with HDB91X i live in area where i am 60+ miles from nearest TV Station and i am getting anywhere from 12-20+ stations as far away as 108+ miles my antenna is mounted on a 40' tower very pleased with reception


easy to assemble

Under the right conditions, this product works, and works very well!


First off, let me be the first to say, my results are probably quite atypical. We moved into this house 5 year ago. The previous owners only had DirectTV, so I bought a pair of amplified rabbit ears, until I could get around to mounting a proper antenna. One night I did a scan and picked up Kansas City stations, 100+ mile away! I suspected I just got lucky with some well placed ionic skip, but my wife was fascinated with possibility of expanding from getting 5 local stations to 12. My wife didn't want another giant antenna, like we had at our last house. I purchased a Winegard Metrostar (from Solid Signal) and it has served us very well. Another recent scan and Kansas City stations showed up again. My interested was peaked, wondering if I really could pull KC stations in reliably, with a proper antenna? Taking a look at tvfool.com, all the KC station are UHF. The HDB91X was on sale, and it is much smaller than a comparable VHF/UHF antenna, so I decided to take a chance. I swapped out my Metrostar with the HDB91X. The unit is easy enough to put together, but I recommend getting and looking at the online installation guild. The dipole positioning is hard to see on the included instruction sheet. After zooming in, on the PDF, the 'bow tie' faces the back. The mounting U bracket is a little different than in manual, but that was easy to work out. I hooked it up, did a scan and I now have 55 channels (including sub channels)! I had ordered the Blonder Tongue (ABLE U2 III) UHF pre-amplifier but it is a 300 ohm unit, and this antenna has a 75 ohm coax connector. My success is without preamp, but I intend to have a preamp to mitigate line loss. Unless there are severe storms between here and KC, the channels are coming in fairly consistently day and night. I was concerned about the two VHF local channels, but they are strong enough to buffalo it through the antenna, without having to have a second VHF antenna and combining the two. What really surprised me, was picking up a Springfield channel, on a side lobe. Not yet sure how reliable the signal will be, but it was fun seeing it. When the weather gets better - it has been raining since I installed it - I want to point it to Springfield, St Louis, and Quincy IL to see how may more channels I can pick up. Being 200 feet higher, than the surround terrain, plus 35 feet up on the house, really helps. However my success wouldn't be possible, to pull in such distant channels, so reliably, without the HDB91X.

Awesome Antenna


Have now had this antenna for little over a year now and it has not missed a beat.One note I wanted to make about Vhf reception. I have 1 vhf station in my area and I noticed that I pick it up stronger on the back side of this antenna. Why I don't know. So I added a rotor and an Lna-200 wingard boost preamp and with this combination I get every station that I was expecting to receive from all directions.And when the conditions are right you will pickup stations from 100-150 miles away. I think this antenna is about as good as it gets..

Excellent antenna. Strong reception even on distant UHF stations. I highly recommend it.


I purchased and installed the Xtreme Signal HDTV Yagi Outdoor TV Antenna 70 Mile VHF/UHF (HDB91X) on my roof last summer. I live in a heavily wooded area and, in spring and summer, distant UHF stations were impossible to receive. Now reception is clear and strong year round even on a UHF station about 50 miles away on Long Island. I am very pleased with this product.



I ordered the HBD91x antenna and coupled it with the Aspen Eagle 25GX Distribution Amplifier. Although I live in San Diego, I am able to receive many Los Angeles, California stations over 100 miles away. 3 signal even goes to 3 TV's via splitters. I can't say enough great things about Solid Signal's customer service and prompt attention to my order. Why go anywhere else?

Best UHF antenna I have tried yet! High VHF will come in, if it is strong. Get your metric tools ready!


This antenna works extremely well. I actually like it more than the 91XG. If you are in a weak signal area, combine this antenna with a pre amp, placed right at the antenna, and you will have the best setup for UHF only. Some UHF antennas reject all VHF frequencies, however this one does not. So it will function as a low-grade high, 7-13, VHF antenna as well. My only complaint is that , on the bracket, there are metric hex nuts, but only on the part that allows you to adjust it, in case your mast is a little uneven.

Stacked them up with my STACKED VHF with a Johansson preamplifier


Well I BOUGHT one in 2014 with a cm-7777amp know I have Bought a Johansson preamplifier kits VHF/30:DB and UHF/40:DB and I can not believe the pick and signal HDB 91XG stacked O,S,M AND THE VHF STACKED 12element from M,C,M#30-2474 and no 3:DB loss from a UHF/VHF combined what an O,S,M set-up channels day or night time in NEW YORK CITY THAT IS 112MILES A WAY AND NO DROPOUTS SIGNAL STRENGTH IS 70+eitheR ONE OR STACKED HDB91xg is an O,S,M, SO YOU SHOULD BUY ONE TO THANKS AGAIN SOLID SIGNAL KEN

Better than expected performance at an unbeatable price


I'm 35 miles from the broadcast towers and all but one station are UHF. I had a cheap QFM-Ant-105 amplified antenna in my attic that worked fairly well, but had some dropouts mainly on one channel. Tried the HD Stacker in the same location with the Wingard LNA200 but it was marginally worse. Got the HDB91X, installed in the same location in my attic with the LNA200 amplifier and I'm seeing solid signals on all UHF stations with 20-30 or more improvement in strength. My one VHF station is about the same, but it works. BTW, was really impressed with the professional packaging on this antenna.

great antenna other than it needs 2nd clamp


antenna works great and does what it says I am 80 miles away and it picks up st louis on a 30 ft. tower with no issues

Now 36 channels!


The antenna suggestion site says I should get zero stations at my address----but I get 36+ from 48-55 miles out. New stations added every so often. At 2 years, I still like it----got rid of Dish 6 months ago...don't miss it. Got a Simple.tv dvr and a Roku 3, so I have it all covered. cool.