Xtreme Signal 70 Mile VHF/UHF Yagi Outdoor TV Antenna (HDB91X)

  • Brand: Xtreme Signal
  • P\N: HDB91X
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Built-In Transformer Is Weak Point


This antenna is good on UHF. Overstated for VHF. The built-in transformer (on the dipole assembly) is made of plastic, and the female F-connector snapped loose as soon as I attached a cable. Sometimes it works with the intermittent connection with an amplifier. Been waiting for a replacement dipole assembly part for over 2 weeks but it hasn't been sent out yet. Hope that will cure the problem, or I'll have to use hose clamps to affix a 75-300 ohm transformer to the dipole assembly & hope it works. If I had it to do over, I would have bought the Winegard HD7698P which is a long-range antenna that actually does High-VHF as well as UHF.



I installed the HDB91x antenna. I live just south of Milwaukee a block west of the Lake Michigan shore and not only can I receive all Milwaukee channels at 100 but I am able to pull in the majority of Chicago channels at 75 during the day and at 90 in the late over night and early morning. I can also pick up Michigan across the lake and Green Bay to the north with the HDB91X. Great Price and does a Great job picking up channels from long distances. Just do not split the signal and run to another TV, greatly decreases your reception chances.

Hi gain UHF antenna long-term reliability not so good


We've had this antenna on the roof of our place for about four years. We are located in a deep lake valley with two high hills between us and the broadcasting channels. Nevertheless this antenna works quite well for receiving channels. However, it does have one major drawback. After five years we have lost several of the elements to the wind and or ice. It is going to be a major project to get up to the antenna and do either repair or replacement. I do not think it is the sturdiest possible antenna at this time.

this is a great ant. I am 60 miles from Greenville and get all they have.


turn it around and get 4 out of Atlanta.i did put a buster on it that did give me 50 more .this ant. is big but if you are out in the country .u know u need a big mass for this big ant I now get50 pluss channels.i have also cut my sat. down to 32.00 a month.i kept the dvr.this is a great deal

Best UHF reception yet


I had tried several good antennas including the HBU-33, HBU-55, and a vintage Channel Master UHF yagi. The HDB91X outperforms them all on UHF bringing in stations from 75 miles away with 100 reliability, stations 90 miles away with some regularity, and stations over 150 miles away during rare conditions. Perhaps most significantly, a station that's just 30 miles away but on the other side of the Blue Ridge Mountains would not come in at all with my old 7' Channel Master the HBU-33 brought it in with signal strength of 45 and the HBU-55 captured it with strength of about 65, both with frequent drop outs. The HDB91X consistently brings it in with signal strength of 85-90 and absolutely no drop outs. (Same mount, preamp and cables used with all antennas I've tried.) Downrating this antenna because it doesn't get VHF is like buying a rooster and complaining because it only lays one or two eggs a week. In fact this antenna does pick up the only VHF channel within 25 miles for me, but I use a separate VHF Hi-Band antenna with a UVSJ combiner from Solid Signal to get the best possible results from both bands. If you don't need the best possible results, the HBU 33 or 55 may be good enough for your situation in a single antenna. My only cons with this antenna are that construction seems a bit flimsy and clunky at the same time, but it has survived a year's worth of ice, snow and high winds here in central VA. Also note that for the weaker more distant stations you do need to be pretty spot on when aiming this antenna. This is to be expected from any high gain antenna and you will need a good quality dependable rotor unless all your stations are in exactly the same direction.

Did exactly what I hoped it would do..


This antenna is the real deal. I live in a hilly river valley and this antenna pulls in every station that is available to me, even a LP station 25 miles away that is highly directional going a different direction. Also picks up my only vhf channel 13 which is 30 miles away. If this antenna works for me I'd think it would work for just about anybody based on the terrain I have to deal with. I would not hesitate to give it a try..

Pro: 60 degree-wide 16dB reception Con: marginal quality


My motive for writing this is to help other customers and support SolidSignal's customer satisfaction. The HDB91X has wider reception than many similar-size UHF yagi antennas. Unfortunately, it has marginal-quality construction, inconsistent documentation, and poor assembly instructions [my HDB91X arrived with two elements significantly bent one assembly nut arrived stripped one of the plastic director elements was partly broken the mounting of the director elements is very weak (OK in attic, but not outside) the assembly instructions are inaccurate and incomplete].

What a performer HDB91X I GET STATION 80MILES OUT IN NY CITY AND CT ION STATIONS THAT ARE 65MILES OUT THE ANTENNA IS 80FT HI WITH a cm 7777amp UHF all the way BEST antenna system for the money Ken



Great antenna , I have had it for 5+ years.


Great antenna , I have had it for 5 + years. I receive stations as far as 90 miles away. The only VHF. Channel is channel 11 which comes in in strong and clear and the broadcast antenna is at least 60 miles away. There are no Vhf channels with the exception of one left . Channel 11.

pulls in 12 channels from over 40 miles with no trouble


easily assembled and not cumbersome. I used a channel master preamp on the mast and the combo works just great.