Xtreme Signal 8-Bay Bowtie Outdoor HDTV Antenna 65 Mile VHF/UHF (HDB8X)

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  • P\N: HDB8X

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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

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Better than cable, its free.


My son and I both tried indoor antennas and were disappointed in the number stations and quality of the pictures received. After checking dozens of antennas I decided on yours. I bought this antenna for my son for Christmas and was so impress I bought another for myself and couldn't be more please in the quantity of channels (52) received and the quality of the pictures. They just as good a cable.

Delivered when expected. Package received in perfect condition. Top quality components used in product. Excellent channel reception.


Simple installation since all assembly is done with wing nuts. I Was receiving 20 channels with old antenna but went to getting 73 with the HDB8X in an attic installation, 50+ miles from Atlanta,GA towers. Would like more detailed instructions but managed to complete installation after some close examination of the antenna installation graphics. Would definitely recommend this antenna

has the right name extreme


Antenna is all it was advertised to be. Easy to assemble and light weight....easy to handle. Put it in my attic, used existing cables and WALLA! over 30 clear channels. Some are over 50 miles away. I'll recommend it to anyone and everyone who's fed up with DTV.

Works better than Specs predicted!


Just got this and installed in the attic of a townhouse condominium. I had done a similar install years ago with a large antenna in a house (local channels with Direct TV)...results were fair to poor. With this new HDB8X and a CM3414 splitter/amp the local channels ROCK! (all 39 of them including Canada) in 1080i HD. I'm adding streaming TV from the internet for networks and movies and still saving $130/month. Comcast will have to be content with just being my ISP.

Works better than any other antenna under severe multipath


First, my location. In the city. Most stations are 25 miles due west on a mountain including one on VHF, and the PBS (also VHF)and CW are on a tall tower South of the city about 25 miles. Problem, to get PBS and CW, multipath off skyscrapers downtown cause mega drop-outs from most stations to the west. With this antenna, coupled to a Channel Master 7777 amplifier (amplification for long cable run and splitters), I was able to aim the west array so as to null out the multipath 90 of the time, and point the south array for minimum reception from west. Connected both up, and I get all stations from both directions, with only very rare dropouts on a Tivo Premier tuner. The other tuners, which are all better, have no drop outs at all except in heavy wind/rain. I doubted the receive from two directions with one antenna claim, but it really does work. It even picks up the low power stations, which should require a large directional UHF antenna. For the price, and ability to hook them to DVRs without worrying about turning a rotor between shows, its a great workaround antenna.

Reassembly required


The lower left side rods were bent on both panels. Not from shipping but from quality control in the factory. The splitter/combiner had to be moved because it was in conflict with the lower beams of the antenna. Thankfully I had the tools to do all of this. Printed directions are a JOKE! Please watch this vid or scan this code. Nice to see the company is so lazy and force customers to do it our way or get no information. Even the Chinese use pics for assembly. There are people out there that like to read and reread and not be preached to by a vid. SS is definitely a company that thinks everyone is digitally accomplished. I wonder if they have any analog clocks? I have not gotten this on the roof yet so I have no idea if it preforms as advertised. It is larger than I thought and my mast will have to be altered to fit this antenna.

Great antenna but probably needs dual pre-amps


I mounted each Half of this antenna separately in my attic to get better signal and each half worked great but when I combined the signals I lost all the advantages. Installed a Winegard LNA 200 at each antenna and now it's GREAT! Yes the power will transfer across the antenna's (Relocated) splitter/combiner and I used a higher amperage (2 amp)usb transformer to power them. Also used identical lengths of coax from the antenna to the combiner. The peak of my roof aligns with some stations over 60 miles away and after mounting the antenna facing that direction as high up as I could go (20 feet) I receive them day/night clear/raining 80-90. Be sure to try the antenna in many orientations - one of mine is mounted at about a 45 degree angle for the best signal. Formerly getting 7 channels, I'm getting 27 channels now. Check out http://disablemycable.com for some great ideas and how to view some programs online.

works OK only with nearby stations


Do not like this antenna. It will pickup the nearby stations, the ones less than 30 miles away. Useless with stations around 50 miles away unless you buy an amplifier. Took it out of the box and immediately got slashed by a metal burr. Spend an hour on the roof making adjustments while my wife walked in and out of the house checking reception. We have over 40 stations (16 English the rest US and Mexican stations in Spanish). Just could get the 50 mile stations AT ALL. I had a single figure 8 style antenna that did a better job and it was NOT advertised as a long distance antenna! I took this thing down and sold it in a flea market for the first offer I got! It's big, it's bulky, we had to add guy wires to stabilize the pole in any winds over 10 mph! And it's only 6 ft above the peak of the roof! Recommend that you buy a double figure 8 antenna - save the added cost of an amplifier -and the ultimate disappointing performance!

had an old radio shack, antenna that was SUPER directional thought I would try this one to utilize the ability to AIM it in two different directions,


O.K., here it is,,,,I can't be more impressed with this antenna!!.I had been using an old radio shack antenna, that was too directional,to say the least.............. I put this up, roughly using the compass app. on my phone,pointed one panel to Cincinnati, and the other to Kentucky.and this thing is amazing !!!!ran a channel check on the big t v ,downstairs, and it went from 21channels to 61,the other two sets were 60 and 59 the latter being the farthest away from the antenna.I have channels now that I didn't even know existed !!!!!, So,in short, if you need to buy an antenna buy this one !!!!!!

Works well to get signals from two directions


Most of local stations have their antennas clustered in a relatively high area of the piedmont closer to one of the larger cities about 35 miles away. A couple of stations have their antennas on a small mountain about 24 miles away. The two directions are about 100 degrees apart. I put my antenna in the attic and pointed the two sections in the appropriate directions. I'm getting a signal strength of 85 - 98 on all channels according to my TV's setup menu. Couldn't be happier with the performance plus it was a great deal! Said bye-bye to my former cable TV provider!