Xtreme Signal 8-Bay Bowtie Outdoor HDTV Antenna 65 Mile VHF/UHF (HDB8X)

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  • P\N: HDB8X

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We are extremely amazed with the channels we are recieving. We are still in the process of finding the exact location we will be making the antennas permanent home. Certain places we have pulled in 65 channels from as far as 65-70 miles away. I may purchase a 2nd one to place near my sons room as right now we have almost a 100 ft length coax run. And if we run his tv off this run then we will be well over 100ft. I could have never thought we could pull this many ota channels in. Look at the $$ these satellite (which we will be telling to take a hike) companies are making off people!! Tired wasting that money, which could be paying off more important things.

Fantastic:::: Strong signal from 45+ miles in two opposite directions. Love it! John


I had to point the panels in opposite directions to pick up Fort Wayne In. & South Bend In. each about 45 mi. away. I simply flipped the 2nd panel around during assembly and only had to adjust the panel slightly to get the desired 302 degrees & 126 degrees for the two Cities. I get 29 solid channels. I did loose some strength when I tied a 2nd tv in with a splitter and 45' of cable. I think that I will purchase a 2nd antenna to avoid any signal issues. Happy FREE tv to all!!!!!! John

Very fair price, it does what it is made to do. I now get about 12 more stations than I use to.


See above

Was initially disappointed but after adding an amplifier am very happy with results.


Found unit easy to assemble and install. But was initially disappointed with the reception. We live at the bottom of a valley in the middle of the woods. After a signal amplifier was added the results improved dramatically. I am very satisfied with the results now.

One heck of an antenna...


We have this antenna mounted 30ft up in the air, with a channel master rotator all broadcast stations come in crystal clear on the tv set.

Replaced DB2 antenna in my attic with this one, improved UHF reception. Can pull in stations in slightly different directions at same time without having to compromise direction!


Had a DB2 UHF with VHF 7-13 Yagi antenna in my attic fed thru a Winegard UHF/VHF preamp using VHF/to 40UHF combiner to feed both to preamp. Problem was for FOX channel 5 NYC optimum direction seemed about 30 to 40 degrees north from ENE than other NYC stations and I had to compromise with NBC 4 at times going out in bad weather. So I replaced the DB2 with this antenna and easily hung the 2 lightweight frames from my attic eaves using plastic ties (didn't use braces) and after an hour playing around had one pointing more toward north than other about 30 degree difference and now I get 5 bars plus on both FOX and weakest NYC station. Worth the $40 special proce I got it for actually only $10 more than the little DB2 I bought 6 years ago! I also have a UHF and VHF separate system mounted just 4 feet off ground in my backyard (found roof didn't add that much signal) and it works better than my attic system in bad weather! I have all Samsung TV's that have that better chip that helps with digital TV reception, as I first started with converter boxes 6 years ago and went to HDTV sets.

As advertised. Great results.


Great packaging, quick delivery, easy assembly, great stability, feels strong and durable, fantastic reception - receive every possible channel available in my area (about 37). {I never spent a penny on paid TV!}

Excellent Reception


Recently purchased this antenna after numurous tries of receiving digital signals. Used in Northern NY rural area with heavy tree growth and hills. Immediately upon instalation was able to pick up 2 stations from Upstate NY along with 4 Canadian stations. Recommendthis antenna to anyone that has same problems.

Works food getting 100% signal on some stations.


A little disappointed, in delivery, the antenna had a couple of bent parts, but not sure if delivery company to blame. Put antenna up getting great signal strength and quality, actually the TV show look better. Still unable to even get a ping on ion network signal only 13 miles away, but no trace, but hill and trees between us. All other channels seem strong with great quality,

Well built but not a miracle worker.


The order processing and shipping was excellent, shipped promptly and well packed. The antenna was ordered on a Sunday, shipped first thing Monday morning, and delivered to my Boston area door Wednesday. I wanted to try a high gain antenna but did not want the large YAGI style. The HDB8X is easy to handle and relatively compact, easy for one person to assemble and mount. Its gain specification is impressive. The antenna looks well made. As nit picks, the panel cables are on the short side. An inch longer would reach the offset mounted splitter with less fuss. One or two of the plastic supports do not seat well. I have had a Channel Master Stealthtenna with its optional amplifier for several years and added a LaTV recently (also amplified). One antenna is pointed North, the other South. They are both mounted on the roof (stacked) and have a 25 foot RG6 run connected directly to independent receivers. We live in an area with many towering Oak and Maple trees and cannot get an antenna above them. One TV channel (42) at about 35 miles has marginal signal with drop outs when the leaves come out. I wanted to try to improve channel 42’s reception. I mounted HDB8X on a separate mast about 10 feet from the other antennas and a little higher. I ran a new high quality 25 foot coax cable from the antenna to the TV room. The LaTV antenna is pointed north toward the high vhf station. The HDB8X is configured with both panels pointed the same for highest gain and south toward the other 10 UHF stations (and directly at 42). I have one PVR-150 connected to one antenna and a second PVR-150 connected to the other and receive 11 sometimes12 channels with both antennas. This set up happens to make it easy to compare performance. The reviews of the HDB8X here would lead one to believe a significant improvement in signal quality could be achieved. The short answer is the HDB8X itself does not perform as well as the LaTV. Adding the Wineguard LNA-200 amplifier to the HDB8X provided much better results, but still no joy. Channel 42 dropouts are far from eliminated. The PVRs show the following signal quality (higher is better, at least 50 is needed for solid reception). These are readings over a 30 minute period one day and seem to be consistent with little variation over time. Mhz LaTV HDB8X 189 60 62 (High VHF channel 9) 497 52 77 503 70 67 509 70 82 551 100 100 563 55 100 569 10 72 593 62 63 599 92 90 623 35 no lock 641 41 47 (channel 42) 647 37 47 Since the LaTV antenna, except the low VHF, is pointed away from the stations, these UHF signals are from its back lobe. Although not rated for VHF, the HDB8X/LNA-200 combo did better than the LaTV picking out the high VHF channel (182 Mhz). Did I mention antenna design and placement is a black art :) and your mileage will vary significantly. Seemingly insignificant nearby objects can have a surprising effect on one channel or another. I have also tried the new generation HomeRun Dual receiver on these antennas, but observed no difference in the ability to capture TV stations, channel 42 in particular. For comparison, an indoors and carefully placed amplified Leaf antenna picks up two, sometimes three channels here (doesn’t come close to seeing channel 42). So the single most important method for improving reception is to get an amplified antenna outdoors and as high as you can. We have the Stealthtenna is connected to a DIRECTV AM21 off air tuner in another room which makes signal comparisons less valid. The stealth/DIRECTV combo, however, picks up channel 42 better than the HDB8X/amplifier/PVR combo, but not without a few daylight hour dropouts. The 5 year old AM21 seems to be an excellent tuner.