Xtreme Signal Long Range HD VHF UHF FM Outdoor TV Antenna (HD8200XL)

  • Brand: Xtreme Signal
  • P\N: HD8200XL
  • UPC: 700112818356

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really helps in the woods big antenna better than the HD Stacker!


more channels is the bottom line! if it would keep the weak signal in the hot humid air would have given a 5 star!

Works very well


After a storm hit our house and destroyed my other antenna setup I purchased a year ago I decided to try this antenna. I live in the mountains about 50-60 miles from Atlanta. This thing works great, much better than the setup I bought from direct. It’s large, but if you live in the boondocks like me, this one work better than the 4 panel screen looking antennas. I purchased the rotator with this antenna because I needed it to fine tune the old one so I figured I needed it for this one. I didn’t need it. Adjust once and leave it be. I get around 48 channels

Great Signal and easy to install


Took about 1 1/2hrs to put together and install on mast then put Channel Master Model CM-7777 Preamplifier on mast. Than put mast on chimney hooked up antenna wires up. Turn tv on ran the channels. First try got 75 channels didn't have to reset.

You will get your money's worth.


I bought the antenna when on sale last spring. It is BIG antenna. It was a little difficult to build. Use gloves. It is light weight construction, so don't mount it among dropping limbs, branches and well fed ravens. I have used it for FMBC DXing this summer and it performed very well. Very directional and easily nulls out semi-local stations. If you are replacing an outdoor antenna, be sure to replace the feedline too. Very glad I bought it and look forward to years of service.

awesome improvement!!!


Live in an area where many local stations fade throughout the year. We installed this antenna, and instantly received all available local channels, plus a few from Michigan. Best we've ever owned, thanks so much!! Went from 9 solid channels to 24.



great for any price. I am now picking up channels from Tokyo, this is no joke. don't know how it must be like skip on a C.B. radio. turned it and now am watching south Africa, there killing all the white people there. I hate the news.. thank you.

Good antenna for long distance VHF is good, UHF could be better.


I live in a hilly, rural area with very tall (50+ft) trees, but VHF signals reach here well with a directional antenna and preamp, and NYC and Philly are full of VHF signals. I replaced an older LPDA Yagi at about 30 feet above ground (I'm located at 800+ ft above sea level which helps a lot). The VHF is very good, picking up stations over 75 miles away with a preamp. However, the Yagi (UHF) isn't calibrated for the post-repack channel spectrum (centered on channel 36, 605 MHz). I may dismantle the directors and driven element and re-assemble them for better gain. Adding more aluminum boom and directors to the front-end would help both from a weight-distribution as well as UHF-gain perspective the antenna isn't centered on the mount point and leans back because of the weight of the rear VHF elements. Adding more weight to the front (yagi) side may help counteract this, but it's already a pretty big antenna. I'm in a challenging location and I purchased the antenna at a very good price, but Solid Signal could re-design a better UHF yagi at the front, or at least reposition the mounting point.

Great HDTV antenna - gets stations 81 miles away!


I've tried a variety of UHF antennas, and finally found one that works best. We live almost due east of Baltimore (81 mi) and Washington DC (65 mi), and with smaller antennas, I was able to get about 20 stations. With this one, now we receive 77 stations from both major markets! It is a BIG MAMBO JAMBO! The entire antenna is about 12 feet long and 12 feet wide. Be careful constructing it not to break off the tabs on the matching transformer (I did this by overtightening the screws). I had to strip the wires and solder on new leads, but this was my fault, not the device. The antenna is mounted on my house at the peak of my roof using a 5' mast, properly grounded, and wired with RG-6. I use an amplifier without it, we can't get hardly any signals. Very happy with this product!

Great antenna - great on VHF, pretty good on UHF


This antenna allowed me to pick up 23 channels in an area that all expert technical support staff told me that I wouldn't be able to pick up anything (except one tower 32 miles away). I did install another antenna (bowtie) that picks up MORE UHF channels (increasing my channels to 39 channels) - however I lose some VHF channels with the bowtie antenna. My next step is to install both and join them with a combiner - hopeful that I will be able to receive at least 45 channels. Keep in mind I am more than 65 miles away from all broadcast towers (except the one) and in a heavily wooded area - so I am very well pleased with this antenna. It performs as advertised! (and I've now tried five (5) antennas that didn't...lol)

Great gain. Poor mounting system.


I was looking primarily for an FM with long range + local TV. This antenna did the trick. My only complaint is the mounting point. More specifically, the center of gravity point of the mounting brackets. They are not at the center balance point of the antenna. The back of the antenna pulls the front up. The mount points should be further back on the boom so the antenna is better balanced so it sits more horizontal without wrestling it straight while tightening the mounting bolts. If you can, attache the mast to the boom on the ground where it might be easier to get it lined up. I will try to re-drill the bracket holes closer to the center of balance to make it an easier installation.