Televes EVOCA Antenna (130990)

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Televes introduces the most versatile and market disruptive antenna in the world, EVOCA:

Televes’ EVOCA antenna is designed for indoor or outdoor use to receive standard television broadcast signals and has a separate 5G antenna built in to receive 5G signals outdoors where they are stronger. The antenna also has a second broadcast antenna and output connector for future use as specified in the NextgenTV ATSC 3.0 standard under MIMO transmission.
  • Sleek attractive cutting-edge design for metro urban and suburban use to 50+ miles.
  • Crafted from UV resistant ultra-strong ABS with a solid metal reflector and stainless-steel mounting hardware.
  • Can be mounted indoors with or without the reflector, in an attic or outdoors wall-mounted to a flat surface or traditional mast mounted.
  • Powered by Televes’ exclusive self-adjusting TForce pre-amplifiers with integrated 5G filtering, providing maximum uptime.
  • Independent preamplifiers for High VHF and UHF signals provide optimum signal balance.
  • Integrated passive 5G antenna for a modem or cellphone booster system.
  • High VHF and UHF reception.
  • Bi-directional reception of High VHF, and 60 degree UHF reception pattern.
  • Optimized for the sub-600MHz UHF frequencies currently in use in the US ensuring compatibility with the latest television broadcast signals.



WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


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best antenna ever


works really well no loss of signal we love it

Quite impressed


I had tried a couple of the better flat antennas not picking up a single station. I live in an apartment building on the far side from the main transmitters in my area with another apartment building a few feet away on my view side. I am also surrounded by 100 foot tall trees with only a little viewable sky. I set up the antenna and ran a scan - 86 channels! I moved the antenna a little, angled it a bit and then got the stations came in pretty good. I rescanned and found 93 stations almost all of them came in pretty strong although some cut in and out a bit; enough to make it irritating. I was in the midst of rain storm during this time. But not being completely satisfied with everything I decided to plug in a ChannelMaster Ultra Mini 2 distribution amplifier to strengthen the signal to my TV and also to send it to my bedroom TV. That did the trick! So now, in my seemingly terrible TV situation even in a rain storm I have old fashioned TV with clear and strong signals.