Televes Smartkom Antenna Amplifier and Combiner for up to 3 Antennas (531981)

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SmartKom 531981 is a high tech alternative to antenna rotors. Combine up to 3 TV antennas with automatic one button self-programming and filtering. Manual programming is also available via Bluetooth iOS/Android app if fine tuning is desired. No moving parts. Durable static installation. Built-in preamp with AGC (automatic gain control). Allows you to program multiple markets (transmitter locations) without re-aiming your antennas. Similar to the Avant X in a mast mounted affordable package.


  • "All-in-one" device: it combines the functions of several functions needed in an installation including filters, combiners and amplifiers, supplying a complete signal distribution under a single coaxial cable
  • Plug&Play: the preamplifier automatically programs the signals from the 3 inputs and optimally adjusts all channels from each antenna simply by pressing the autoprogramming button. In addition, SmartKom automatically powers the antenna in case the signal requires it
  • Automatic gain regulation of signal in each filter (AGC) and wide dynamic range in each filter adjusts all carriers to the same power
  • Great signal quality: its digital processing minimizes severe signal loss, co-channel interference, as well as multipath and phasing interference common with conventional splitters/combiners
  • Compatible with existing HDTV signals and UHD 4K stations (NextGen TV / ATSC 3.0)
  • Undesired out of band and cell phone LTE/5G signals are filtered to avoid interference
  • Wireless manual or automatic programming (via Bluetooth®) is also available for a more personalized configuration. Use a smartphone or tablet with the ASuite app to avoid having to go to the mast

What's in the box:

  • Televes SmartKom
  • SmartKon Protective case
  • Televes Distribution Amp
  • Instruction Manual

The SmartKom automatically picks the stronger signal from all the antennas you've attached. Since combining signals can create interference, it simply amplifies the strongest signal instead. Choose the SmartKom for intelligent processing of multiple inputs.

Having Trouble with your SmartKom? Try these best practices:

When experiencing issues with the Smartkom, it's often due to the unit receiving signals that are too weak or borderline for effective processing. This situation might result in the loss of some programs or unstable performance, which might seem marginally improved without any signal processing but still remains unreliable. To enhance the performance of the Smartkom and fully leverage its capabilities—such as accessing multiple markets simultaneously without the need to re-aim or re-scan, ensuring balanced signals, and providing amplification—a solution is to integrate low noise preamplifiers (preamps) at the signal's source. These preamps can amplify the signal strength and establish a more favorable noise figure for the system, thereby extending the Smartkom's operational range.

For users utilizing passive antennas without built-in amplification, adding preamps close to the antenna setup can significantly improve results. A recommended model for this purpose is the 560383, known for its low noise and self-adjusting features. Interestingly, the Smartkom is designed to directly power this preamp, streamlining the installation process.

However, it's noteworthy that Televes antennas, equipped with built-in preamps, simplify the setup by negating the need for separate preamplification, as they can be directly powered by the Smartkom.

In essence, optimizing the Smartkom's performance and unlocking its full range of benefits—including stable access to various broadcasts and enhanced signal quality—requires ensuring the device receives a sufficiently strong and clean input signal. This often entails the strategic use of preamplifiers, especially in setups with passive antennas, to create an environment where the Smartkom can operate effectively.


  • The individual filters have 60dB dynamic range to adjust all carriers to the same power, then the output is adjusted at 25dBmV fixed, maintained by AGC. Enough power to feed an entire house or small building.
  • SmartKom is a rotor alternative that allows to seamlessly combine up to 3 antennas pointing at different directions/markets.
  • SmartKom avoids the losses caused by combining antennas directly with splitters or combiners which translate in severe signal loss, co-channel, multipath, and phasing interference issues.
  • SmartKom individually and automatically filters the channels received from each antenna/direction.
  • SmartKom individually adjusts the levels of all the channels to the same optimum level for signal distribution in the house/building.
  • SmartKom filters out undesired out of band and cell phone LTE/5G signals that can cause interference.
  • SmartKom automatically scans the signals on each antenna and self-programs for ease of use.
  • SmartKom provides Bluetooth interface for advanced programming options when desired.
  • SmartKom provides access to up to three different markets on a single coax wire for whole-home signal distribution.
  • SmartKom comes in a sturdy weatherproof mast-mounted housing and is powered directly over the same single coax wire that provides all the content to the house.
  • Rotor requires mechanical parts that are prone to failure > SmartKom is a static installation with no moving parts
  • Rotors requires a TV rescan every time the antenna is aimed at a different market > SmartKom delivers the content from up to 3 markets all the time, on a single wire.
  • Combining antennas directly causes loss of signal, for instance 3.5dB when combining two antennas, in addition to all the phasing issues created by each antenna undesired contribution to the combination > SmartKom allows to combine up to three different markets on a channel per channel basis with no loss
  • Combining antennas directly typically degrades performance due to the undesired markets still being picked up by each antenna > SmartKom filters the channels received from each direction avoiding undesired contributions to the final combined signal.
  • Combining antennas generates signal loss and further amplification is required > SmartKom provides the amplification needed to distribute the signal to the entire house.
  • SmartKom will automatically power Televes antennas and preamps, or other 12Vdc loads inline.
  • When installed close to passive antenna(s) SmartKom avoids the need for a preamplifier.
  • Also recommended for single antenna installs for better reception equalizing all channels to the same level for distribution. Avoiding overload of strong channels and losing weak channels
  • Compatible with existing HDTV signals and the newer UHD 4k stations (aka NextGen TV / ATSC 3.0 / ultrahigh definition).
  • After the automatic programming process, if manual tweaking is necessary, press the readjust/scan button on the power supply briefly. Then connect to the power supply using Bluetooth and the Televes ASuite app on a smartphone or tablet. The ASuite app is available on Google Play or the Apple App Store.


Inputs/Bands3x VHF+UHF
Frequency rangeMHz54-88 (Lo-V)
174-216 (Hi-V)
470-608 (UHF)
Input dynamic rangedBmV-20...30
Maximum gaindB45
Gain regulationdBAGC
Number of filters32
Channels per filter1
Channel/filter programming2-6 (Lo-V)
7-13 (Hi-V)
14-36 (UHF)
Filtered channel level regulationAGC per filter
SelectivitydB>50 @±6MHz*
Output leveldBmV22 (VHF)
25 (UHF)
Vout regulationdBmV-3...22 (VHF)
0...25 (UHF)
Manual regulationdB±3
Powering inputsVdc12 (AUTO/ON/OFF)
Max. consumption inputsmA70
Max. consumptionmA500 (@12V w/o DC IN)
Protection indexIP23
Operating temperatureºF23 ... 113

*With adjacent channels: >30 @±1MHz

Frequency rangeMHz47 - 862
Output voltageV12
Maximum output currentmA750
Insertion lossdB<2
Mains voltageV~110-120
Maximum consumptionW14
Maximum currentmA200
Protection indexIP23
Operating temperatureºF23 ... 113

*With adjacent channels: >30 @±1MHz


WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


5 reviews

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Much Improved System For This Blind Squirrel


Paired a LR DAT Boss with an Eclipse Mix in place of an old Channel Master. The results are much improved for the stations we were receiving to the side and slightly improved for the stations we were receiving 85 miles away. The SmartKom works very well but the app is a bit glitchy and the instructions are abominable. YouTube helps a bit but Televes needs to get their act together with instructions! Overall I am pleased!

Disappointing performance, but I have not fine tunned it with the app to select stations.


The Smartkom combiner works much better than just using a three way splitter in reverse. However, when combining the signals from three antennas with the Smartkom I'm not getting the sum total of what I was getting individually, I'm only getting about one half of the sum. Without the Smartkom I get 57 channels from my best antenna. With the smartkom I get between 39 to 45 channels from all three antennas. Before I got Smartkom I had 3 antenna systems (antenna, pre-amp, distribution amp, and 3 separate cables to a 3 way hi-isolation switch; where I selected which antenna system went through to the TV). The Smartkom is more convenient than frequently switching between antenna systems, but dropping off half of the available channels is a high cost.



This product is awesome thx to the best company around

Great Product

by -

This was exactly what I needed. It works great.

Blown Away with this Rotor Replacement!


I live in a borderline rural area in SE Wisconsin that, while within range of four markets (Milwaukee, Chicago, Rockford, and Madison) the closest is 41 miles away and not LOS, 2 are straight through trees AND my rotor that I've had for 6 years gave up the ghost. Was about to grab another rotor when I came across this piece of kit. I picked up an 8-bay to add to my Televes LR Mix (original model) with a plan to get Madison on the 8-bay and Chicago on the LR Mix for my beloved Bears. My plan was BLOWN AWAY by this device. I can pull strong signals from ALL FOUR markets with the SmartKom using just two antennas. After a bit of setup and assigning channels to the different antennas for optimum results I have over 80 channels total. Plus NO MORE RETUNING with the combiner. I pulled my previous distribution amp out of the mix as it's not needed with the SmartKom. If you're a rotor user or even a normal user looking for the best pre-amp and control, GET THIS, you won't be disappointed.