Winegard Boost 20dB HDTV Antenna Indoor In-line Amplifier (LNA-100)

  • Brand: Winegard
  • P\N: LNA-100
  • UPC: 615798900045
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6 reviews

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I was having severe pixelization on all my channels and the Winegard LNA100 Boost 20dB Digital TV Antenna Amplifier was suggested as a cure for the problem.


After installing the HDB8X Blade 8 bay Xtreme Antenna I was having Xtreme Pixelating on every channel that I was able to receive. Some not as bad as others but bad just the same. I called Solid Signal and they suggested using the LNA 100 Amplifier to help boost the signal. I purchased the Amp and installed it and it made absolutely NO difference what-so-ever! I live in St. Pete Fl. just West of Tampa, its summer and we get afternoon thunder storms and I am located due South of St, Petersburg, Clearwater Airport about 5 miles and WSW of Tampa INT. Airport about 15 miles. I'm somewhat in both airports takeoff and landing patterns to some extent. I'm sure all this contributes to the problem but I don't have unlimited funds to throw at this. It would be helpful if someone out there has experienced this same problem and could offer any help! Solid Signal has been been helpful with their suggestions but we haven't cured the problem yet. My reason for going to an Antenna was to get out from under Cable and/or Satellite. I sure don't want to go back to them!!!!

works - brought in/clarified 6 new stations.Only issue was (female)connector.


the connector on the antenna side of the amplifier is female. The connector on the HD Blade I had earlier purchased from Solid Signal also has a female output connector. Thus amplifier can not be directly connected to the antenna- an intervening connector or cable is required.

Nice, compact signal amplifier and appears to work as described


coupled with a good outdoor antenna (channel master 3000HD in my case), this product has exceeded my expectations. The Tivo Roamio I use shows that the signal boost to all channels I receive is at least 20% better

Simple installation, dramatically improved OTA reception.


Couldn't receive local OTA channel 6 ABC and channel 2 would become pixelated almost every day. I decided to see if it was the amplifier (one was supplied with the antenna) and replace it with this Winegard LNA-100 Boost based on the reviews. Well as soon as I completed my first channel scan both 6 and 2 came in clear as a bell AND they have stayed that way. I would highly recommend this amplifier!

Very Quiet -Almost Transparent with 20 DB of Gain!


I operate a Frequency Measuring Service for Broadcast TV and Radio. I measure signals as much as 200 miles distant. Obviously I have some tall and very good antennas, but when I purchased one of the LNA100's I was skeptical. However, I can say that the LNA 100 is the best Amplifier I've found to date, at a reasonable price. Some signals that I measure set at -95 to -105 DB on my spectrum analyzer. This amplifier has fairly flat gain (20 DB +/- 3 DB) from Channel 2 to well beyond the presently authorized upper UHF Channels. When I put the LNA100 in line I can barely see the Noise Floor of the Spectrum Analyzer change, but the desired weak signal becomes easily measured with the ~ 20 DB of gain. NOTE: It does not amplify the FM Broadcast Band! Get one--you wont be disappointed.

Works great, included power supply died


I used this to replace a Cabletronix CT-BDA24 which was a good, higer gain, but higer noise amp. Night and day better. Then after about a year one channel disappeared, then another, finally I couldn't get anything. The included supply had quit. I power cycled it and it came back, but still not great performance. I then replaced the supply with better wall wart, and bam! all my channels where back, better than before. Next, I'll swap it with a 5VDC linear supply with mucho RF filtering.