Xtreme Signal HDTV 4 Bay Bowtie Outdoor TV Antenna 45 Mile VHF/UHF (HDB4X)

  • Brand: Xtreme Signal
  • P\N: HDB4X
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26 reviews

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Works well in southeastern Michigan


Dropped my overpriced cable. Tried a indoor antenna but found it lacking on the lower bandwidths. Invested a little more and installed this in my attic and picked up every major channel in the area and then some. A great option if you live in a metropolitan area.



This antenna is well built and produces a 60 degree wide long range pattern. It is the perfect choice for most areas

Reception greatly improved.


I primarily receive signals from five channels: ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS and FOX. Although I live within 10 miles of most of these, difficulties arise due to trees and hilly terrain. Since a large house, considerably taller than mine, was built next door I added a five-foot section to my 10-foot antenna mast to overcome the height difference, but this provided only marginal help. I was fortunate to speak with a Technology Manager at the local NBC affiliate who was able to see my previous antenna via Googlemaps Street View. He advised that I had the wrong type of antenna and recommended this one, which I immediately purchased. During the installation the antenna mast was laying flat along the ridgeline of the roof, but, surprisingly, the channels still came in quite well. This led me to remove the upper five feet of the mast. The reception is now greatly improved. In windy conditions there is still a slight amount of pixellation on the weakest channel, but not much. I am very pleased with this antenna.

Very well built


I put this antenna on a Christmas tree stand in my attic. I was getting about 25 channels with rabbit ears but some channels would pixelate. I installed the Xtreme Signal HDTV 4 Bay Bowtie Outdoor TV Antenna and now I get 50+ channels. If I were to add a rotor, I believe I could get even more. I won't have to worry about the weather but believe you me, this antenna is lightweight but still very well constructed. I think it would do very well in a wind storm.

Good, but not great. Machining was a little off on support bar.


While I am only about 15 miles from broadcasts over high VHF & regular UHF on a bearing of 205 degrees the high band VHF was not picked up. Tried two different TV's to eliminate receiver variation, but still no reception on high band VHF. dB was still positive when subtracting the antenna gain. Sometimes these digital broadcasts are sub-par to the old analog days. Installation is outdoor and 12 feet agl. All address resources say this antenna should be in the green. You would know that out of the 33 channels received, the 3 (sub-channels of a PBS station) I wanted are in the high band VHF.

Well constructed and lightweight product I went from a dozen indoor channels to over 60. Excellent advice from sales and super fast delivery.


Well constructed and lightweight product I went from a dozen indoor channels to over 60. Excellent advice from sales and super fast delivery.

Superior Performing Antenna, Small Profile.


This little power house really surprised me! I added a cardboard/foil reflector behind this antenna, and a distribution amplifier in my attic install. Channel scan yielded 50 digital channels. I am partial to large directional antennas, but this small profile antenna can compete with the best of them so long as all your channels are in the same direction. Make sure you VHF Hi channels are relatively close. Very pleased.

Great Antenna


Great Antenna for any price. I used to get about 20 channels. Now after installing the HDB4X I get over 60 channels.Great Antenna!!!!

The best I mean the best antenna i have ever used!!!!


TRhis is the best antenna i have ever used. I got 22 stations before installing this antenna. after installation I get over 60 stations. i will tell everbody i know aboyut this antenna.

It was normal shipping 5 day's I got it..good and very easy to set up and use it get channels 80 miles inside of truck..


But I'm sure it would be lots better outside.. but inside u don't have to ground it..I got it for my semi truck.I'm sure it will be well over 100 miles outside and above the roof and aim it around some. But it decent for the $ and small but does really good. .for under 50$ you can't get better.I want to try the 8 bay. But it's 70$ but too big in a truck but want 1 for my house.. I think inside is best in Florida too much lighting..grounding and pole and holes in house. .so I keep it inside..