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Xtreme Signal HDTV 4 Bay Bowtie Outdoor TV Antenna 45 Mile VHF/UHF (HDB4X)

  • Brand: Xtreme Signal
  • P\N: HDB4X
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Works well in southeastern Michigan


Dropped my overpriced cable. Tried a indoor antenna but found it lacking on the lower bandwidths. Invested a little more and installed this in my attic and picked up every major channel in the area and then some. A great option if you live in a metropolitan area.

Happy customer


Seems to be a high quality product at a great price.. Packaged well and shipped quickly. Item installed very easily and worked as it should. I purchased two more.

Happy customer!


I can't say enough good things about the HDB4X antenna, as well as the customer service and advice I received from Solid Signal. I originally planned to put it on the roof, and after testing it found that it performed just as well in my attic. This saved me a good deal of time and labor involved with roof mounting, and I avoided the complications of finding a proper way to ground it that would comply with my local codes. Before you purchase, keep in mind that antenna specifications vary widely. Your location, surrounding terrain, and proximity to the towers is critical. I happen to be in the Pasadena area within 20 mi of the Mount Wilson towers. The HDB4X is perfect for my location. Do your homework and seek advice if needed. I might suggest that you take a close look at the Solid Signal company. They are based in the US and have a huge selection of antennas and accessories. By the way, I have no affiliations with solid signal whatsoever, simply a happy customer. Good luck to you.

Good results.


I was very happy with how smoothly the order went. How fast I received the package and the quality of the product. Although it didn't quite do the job I am very happy with the second antenna I received.

What's Up Doc?


Just figured out, If you live 30 miles past Transmission Towers anything but a mega Large amplified outdoor antenna is probably not going to help much with reception. Well made, but rabbit ears on the TV gave me a better picture. Got it on clearance, good hardware, great shipping, I'll use it for parts.

Great UHF Performance


Solid, well buit, proven design. I actually prefer the solid sheet elements compared to the wire whiskers of others. Have it mounted in a attic above my attached garage and receive all the UHF stations marked FAIR in my rabbit ears report. I have had the famous name brand 4 bay and for me this compares very well in performance and quality.

great antenna


this antenna is exactly what I needed. I previously purchased a yagi from Walmart, but returned it, for this one. couldn't be happier.



This antenna is well built and produces a 60 degree wide long range pattern. It is the perfect choice for most areas

Reception greatly improved.


I primarily receive signals from five channels: ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS and FOX. Although I live within 10 miles of most of these, difficulties arise due to trees and hilly terrain. Since a large house, considerably taller than mine, was built next door I added a five-foot section to my 10-foot antenna mast to overcome the height difference, but this provided only marginal help. I was fortunate to speak with a Technology Manager at the local NBC affiliate who was able to see my previous antenna via Googlemaps Street View. He advised that I had the wrong type of antenna and recommended this one, which I immediately purchased. During the installation the antenna mast was laying flat along the ridgeline of the roof, but, surprisingly, the channels still came in quite well. This led me to remove the upper five feet of the mast. The reception is now greatly improved. In windy conditions there is still a slight amount of pixellation on the weakest channel, but not much. I am very pleased with this antenna.

Very well built


I put this antenna on a Christmas tree stand in my attic. I was getting about 25 channels with rabbit ears but some channels would pixelate. I installed the Xtreme Signal HDTV 4 Bay Bowtie Outdoor TV Antenna and now I get 50+ channels. If I were to add a rotor, I believe I could get even more. I won't have to worry about the weather but believe you me, this antenna is lightweight but still very well constructed. I think it would do very well in a wind storm.