Xtreme Signal Long Range HD VHF UHF FM Outdoor TV Antenna (HD8200XL)

  • Brand: Xtreme Signal
  • P\N: HD8200XL
  • UPC: 700112818356
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Well worth he money!


Received this antenna yesterday. I put it together in the attic which was a little difficult because there is no floor. Had to balance on rafters. It was well worth the effort. I live 35 miles northeast of Philadelphia and had a hard time getting 6abc, WPVI. This antenna pulled it in with no problem plus 57 more channels. The price of the antenna was less than a month for cable! I Highly recommend this antenna.

Best Range vhf/uhf antenna for digital tv!!


I ordered the HD8200XL in July, received in August and just got up in the air in October. The reception from this antenna is absolutely amazing. I am using the Channel Master outside preamp and also a Channel Master distribution amp, 4 port model. The antenna is up on a small Rohn 30 ft tower. I am pulling stations on vhf and uhf at the 100 mile range. Beautiful pictures with no pixelating at all. Also using a rotor. This is the antenna to get, Love this antenna!!

A great value.


Bought this unit to replace my Radio Shack deep fringe yagi, that I installed about 14 years ago, after tree limbs damaged it. This new Xtreme unit increased me to about 60 channels, all crystal-clear, with good signal strength. The build quality seems excellent, quite solid. I like that it is US built also. Assembly took about an hour -- not bad. The printed instructions were relatively simple. I chimney mount, about 20 from the ground, and live in a hilly region on the edge of the Smokey Mountains. I also use an old R.S. amplifier. It receives an arc of stations at least 50-degrees wide, despite being significantly directional. I'm getting an assortment of stations in the Asheville area, at least 50 miles out, and one from the Charlotte area, a good 80 miles or more out. As I said, there is a substantial directional spread on these, better than I expected. It is LARGE -- a little over 12 feet in length, but that's a plus.

image won't pixelate if properly installed


I ordered this antenna to feed 5 tvs. it does work very good even when it's too windy outside (30-40 mph). image won't pixelate. I don't have a pre amp on this antenna. i live in the city 87031 so i'm not that far from tv towers. because its a 12ft long antenna, could be too heavy I found it better to put it on the ground 20ft tall, some guy wire and let the antenna do the work. This is a directional antenna so I had to do research on channels available then aim it very good.

Receives all channels


It recieves all channels. My other attempts using smaller antennas all failed. This antenna receives all channels from seattle to tacoma except 6.1 (?), 9.1(pbs), and 14.1(tbn channels) on first try without adjusting antenna. I had to use the tv to rescan for channels and 50+ popped up crystal clear quality and reception. I faced the antenna north towards antenna point hill in seattle and am missing the other channels that are broadcast from the antennas south by chehalis. I get channel 28.1 (pbs affilitate kbcts) but I do not know why I still do not get channel 6 and 9. There most be something wrong with there broadcast system. I am so happy this works without needing much adjustment. Once I find out how to get the other duplicate 5 channels I will be happier.

Working so much better than other antennas I have tried. This is the 8th antenna I have tried at my house, in heavy vegitation, surrounded by steep hills.


So I have tried numerous 70 mile range antennas at my house and although they pull in channels from 70 plus miles away, pixilation has been an issue. I thought why not give this bigger one a shot. I have been using an LTE filter on previous antenna so cell towers aren't the pixilation issue. I put this up mid November 2018 and our pixilation issue have disappeared and we are now picking up a distant PBS channel I have been trying to get all along. I had it assembled in about 30 minutes and mounted in no time. I paired it with a Channel Master 7777 pre-amp I was already using. I am using a 115ft cable run. All in all a great investment to eliminate the pixilation issues. Definitely is a good purchase for fringe and terrain areas.

really helps in the woods big antenna better than the HD Stacker!


more channels is the bottom line! if it would keep the weak signal in the hot humid air would have given a 5 star!

Works very well


After a storm hit our house and destroyed my other antenna setup I purchased a year ago I decided to try this antenna. I live in the mountains about 50-60 miles from Atlanta. This thing works great, much better than the setup I bought from direct. It’s large, but if you live in the boondocks like me, this one work better than the 4 panel screen looking antennas. I purchased the rotator with this antenna because I needed it to fine tune the old one so I figured I needed it for this one. I didn’t need it. Adjust once and leave it be. I get around 48 channels

Great Signal and easy to install


Took about 1 1/2hrs to put together and install on mast then put Channel Master Model CM-7777 Preamplifier on mast. Than put mast on chimney hooked up antenna wires up. Turn tv on ran the channels. First try got 75 channels didn't have to reset.

You will get your money's worth.


I bought the antenna when on sale last spring. It is BIG antenna. It was a little difficult to build. Use gloves. It is light weight construction, so don't mount it among dropping limbs, branches and well fed ravens. I have used it for FMBC DXing this summer and it performed very well. Very directional and easily nulls out semi-local stations. If you are replacing an outdoor antenna, be sure to replace the feedline too. Very glad I bought it and look forward to years of service.