Antennas Direct UHF 8-Bay Bowtie TV Antenna Extended Range (DB8E)

  • Brand: Antennas Direct
  • P\N: DB8E
  • UPC: 817848011620
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8 reviews

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Awesome Antenna


WOW!! this antenna exceeded my expectations. I can get all the channels I enjoy without having to constanting adjust the antenna. Thank You Solid Signal.

sturdy construction


As far as gain and distance goes, a 8 bay bowtie is a 8 bay bowtie so gain and distance claims mean very little. The DB8E is built stronger than most and has the ability to have each 4 bay bowtie pointed in a different direction which can be important in certain circumstances.

70 miles is NOT long range


70 mi is NOT long range. I pick up 3 towers from 133 miles with ebay# 131345911819 40 feet up in the air.

This antenna is a powerhouse.


I thought this antenna might be a little overkill, seeing as how I live within 25 miles of all the towers around me. However, there is a huge oak in front of my house in LOS of the towers, and I was putting it in the attic. Just watched a whole HD football game, with no blemishes on screen or dropped signal whatsoever. Love it!

Strong signal and broad coverage


Replaced an XG91 yagi that was too narrow to cover all UHF stations in my area. The DB8e sections are aimed in two directions with a 20 degree angle and the result is a stronger signal than I had with the XG91.

works great


I have this antenna for over a year in my attic with a rotor and pre-amp attached to the antenna. The TV towers are 47 plus miles from my home. I am surrounded by large pine trees. While in the attic I would have to fine tune for all the channels (channels are from New Orleans and Gulfport MS.) and they would come in fine with a signal of low 60 to high of 80. On 8/15/15 I moved it to my roof peak which is about 25 feet from the ground. I'm now get a signal of low 75 to high 93, what a difference. I could not believe that it would be that much better. I can pick up all of then New Orleans stations and the GulfPort, MS. stations without turning the antenna. This DB8e antenna has allowed me to say good by to Direct TV.

1st Timer


Frustrated with my monthly cable increases I began to look for an outdoor antenna. I am in the middle of towers at 30 miles and 85 miles away. I chose the DB8e for it's adjustability and long range UHF and the CS600 for VHF. Both are on their individual masts with the DB8e 20' high and the CS600 at 15' high. The DB8e and the CS600 are connected to a UHF/VHF combiner, then a splitter for 2 tv's, a 110' cable run to the 2nd bedroom, and finally a 30' cable run to the living room. I am happy that I purchased all the above at a good price from Solid Signal and shipping was fast. I am now receiving 73 channels on both tv's with a solid and clear signal from as far as 85 miles away. Outstanding.

Best indoor antenna I ever used!


I live about 40 miles from tv towers min.The HDBLADE 100A outperformed my expectations!I now get over 35 hd channels FREE!Good bye dish!