DIRECTV HD Satellite Receiver with IR Remote (H24)

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  • P\N: H24
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10 reviews

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H24 receivers work fine. Still had to deal with AT&T


Had two H23-600 receivers, one lost the audio on the right output. Decided to replace them. ATT has nothing for this with the old 5lnb dish. Bought two of the H-24's from solid signal, hoping not to need to call ATT.

Well, apparently the H23-600 are about the only old receivers with the b-band converters internal to the unit. So I needed to order two of them as well from solid signal, no big deal, to get the H24-200 to work.

Also turns out we were only in an old direct tv computer system, so solid signal could not activate our new H24's for us. Needed to call ATT. That did not go well (why I wanted to avoid this to begin with). Anyway, I called Ryan at Solid Signal back and he called ATT and got me conferenced in with them both and we had the new receivers activated without too much trouble, the ATT tech kept breaking up and was hard to understand, but we got it done. Thanks Ryan!

Excellent Receiver for Do It Your Self


For those who want an excellent receiver without having to have a DirecTV tech come to your home for whatever reason (e.g. time, schedule).

A couple of things to know before you order this receiver. First, you do not own the receiver, you are still leasing it from DirecTV. Second, you will need to contact Solid Signal to ping the receiver to activate it. Third, the $99 you are paying Solid Signal is an activation fee. DirecTV will charge you a one time fee of $99 for the receiver. Finally, if you are replacing an SD receiver you have to contact DirecTV to activate HD on your account. When I first received the receiver it would not allow me change the Display Preference to show HD channels as the option did not exist. I was puzzled and after spending a lot of time on the phone and chatting with DirecTv I asked DirecTV to remove older SD receivers from my account, which I was going to do anyway and replace with two of these receivers, then all of sudden I had access to HD channels.

This receiver is a huge improvement over the D11 and D12 series receivers and can receive both SD and HD broadcasts.

The Directv H24 receiver works great!


I had a little problem getting it running correctly but a call to the Solid Signal Tech got it running in short order. Great service!

Great service and fast shipping .


Great service and fast shipping .

Buyer Beware! Extremely deceptive practice by Direct TV and Solid Signal if you agree to purchase and are not aware.


This product performed well, so no issues there. But before you hit the purchase button, read the following: I went to Direct TV to upgrade to this HD Receiver, DTV in turn sent me to Solid Signal and told me to specify this unit, Model H-24, so I ordered it online with the help of a SS Representative. What was not mentioned by the representative at SS or DTV is that if you click on the specifications tab and scroll down, there was a green text statement that stated that by making this lease, you agree to extend you Direct TV service for 2 years! Today this is in red, but not on the product description page. This was for an RV and DTV will absolutely not let you out of the contract! Horrible!

improvement over h20


some problems carry over from previous models caller id is inconsistant. need to reboot when it fails. audio fails need to switch to a local channel or to a signal from a different satellite to bring audio back.annoyances but overall better.

the h24 is a good product


The H24 is a very good receiver

Buyer beware


After activating this receiver which I thought I had actually bought I was told by DirecTv that the $100 I paid Solid Signal was a leasing fee and I had to pay $5/mo. to use the receiver. In addition it extended my service contract with DirecTV for two more years with a $400 cancellation fee and I still have to return the box or pay a $150 non return fee! I went back to the ad on Solid Signal

Direct TV is not easy to deal with


This receiver was great for me as I am on a boat and limited on space. Direct TV would not supply it to me.

Good product price [...]


I needed to upgrade a standard Direct TV receiver to a HD receiver. The switch-out was easy - just called Direct TV with the serial #. They sent me a box to take the old receiver. The new unit works great with my wifes new HD TV. [...]