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Horrible ..... stay far away!


Great advertising for a product that does NOT work, at all. Spent over $1200 for a pipe dream, calling WeBoost for any help, forget about it, they have my money and I have absolutely nothing.

I returned the product.


The booster was so hot it would burn your skon. I was told to use a fan. It is dangerous.

Yes, it boosts my 1 bar to 4-5 most of the time.


Currently using in Naples, FL but hoping it will work as well in north central PA where the cell tower is 11mi. away with mountains. We go there for 2mo in the summer.

We finally have cell service!


We live in a valley that is a notorious "dead zone". For years we relied on a femtocell from AT&T but then they discontinued support and the GPS signal could never locate us. Wifi calling was sporadic, but voicemails never came through until I left the house. I tried other phone carriers. No luck. I tried a cheaper version (another brand) with no results and finally decided to spring for the expensive WeBoost solution. IT WORKS!

Beats all other brands


I have tried many different boosters and this one beats all the other ones I have tried! This system is expandable so if you have a larger house you can add indoor antenna's.

Definitely recommend!!! Rural areas, poor signal!


We live out in the country, poor signal, mostly 1 bar, only WiFi provider wanted to charge us over $460 to run the dsl line because were moved and we have been a customer with them for over 25 years! Ridiculous to only get 3mb internet! We are using Verizon and have a mifi for WiFi and it cost way less and we have so much better speeds now that our weboost is installed! I did my research before I purchased and it is a lifesaver! Thank you Wilson Electronics!!!

Increased signal strength inside my log cabin


It's a good feeling to have reliable coverage throughout the cabin. Don't have to stand by the window to try and get a signal, and hope it stays long enough to complete the call or send a text. Safety wise, we can get hold of someone without hoping for a signal.

Not 5 bars in every room, but definitely does the trick.


Situation prior to WeBoost: * Best signal at highest location outside home was 1-2 bars (-110:-120db) * Best signal inside home was 0-2 bars (-113:-125 db) * Usable signal only present in 50% of home so we had to strategically place phones to make / receive calls * Data speeds at best locations within home were ~80 Ping, 10 mbs down, 3 mbs up Situation after WeBoost installed: * Results inside home: > Same room as interior antenna: Full bars (-80 db) Data: ~30 Ping, 22 mbs down, 5 mbs up > Same floor, ~30 ft from interior antenna, 2 walls: 3 Bars (-105 db) Data: ~30 Ping, 18 mbs down, 4 mbs up > One floor below, ~50 ft from interior antenna, multiple walls and floor: 2 Bars (-111 db) Data: ~35 Ping, 12 mbs down, 3 mbs up * My setup: > Needed ~80 ft of coverage with most important areas at the far ends > Had internal antenna placed at mid-point between those two locations > Had installer leave the interior antenna unmounted with enough cable to experiment with placement (the antenna comes with a wall mount bracket and a kick-stand for placement on a horizontal surface such as shelf or furniture) * Key takeaways: > Works as advertised > Placement impacts performance > Should not expect to see full bars in every room, but signal is completely usable and stable > Definitely would purchase again Hope this helps!

This product is a game-changer!


Before, working from home was frustrating and slow. Now, both of us can be connected our our work computrs through VPN using our boosted mobile hotspot, and it's almost as fast as being in the office...no more lag time! Also, we can make calls from inside our home again, and use the mobile data we pay for because our phone connectivity has improved. We can even make calls from our basement now without being disconnected or having to run up the stairs to take a call! I wish we would have made the investment sooner.

Amazing Improvement


We built a new house in an area with no phone or cable service so we were relying on 4G tower about 1.5 miles away. Fortunately we had line of site. The Weboost Home Complete booster was planned for early so the cables could be routed inside the walls. Without the booster signal strength hovered between 1 and 2 bars and was measured at -108db on an LG phone. With the booster turned on it improved to a solid 5 out of 5 bars and was measured at -85db on the same phone at the same location. A 23db improvement is amazing! We're very happy with the performance and thankful for the product.