Xtreme Signal 70 Mile VHF/UHF Yagi Outdoor TV Antenna (HDB91X)

  • Brand: Xtreme Signal
  • P\N: HDB91X
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very satisfied with HDB91X i live in area where i am 60+ miles from nearest TV Station and i am getting anywhere from 12-20+ stations as far away as 108+ miles my antenna is mounted on a 40' tower very pleased with reception


easy to assemble

What a performer HDB91X I GET STATION 80MILES OUT IN NY CITY AND CT ION STATIONS THAT ARE 65MILES OUT THE ANTENNA IS 80FT HI WITH a cm 7777amp UHF all the way BEST antenna system for the money Ken



this is an excellent antenna. I get rock solid reception and have already made believers to my friends. 65 miles is not a problem at all. I have already sent 3 friends your way.


easy setup

Best UHF antenna I have tried yet! High VHF will come in, if it is strong. Get your metric tools ready!


This antenna works extremely well. I actually like it more than the 91XG. If you are in a weak signal area, combine this antenna with a pre amp, placed right at the antenna, and you will have the best setup for UHF only.

Some UHF antennas reject all VHF frequencies, however this one does not. So it will function as a low-grade high, 7-13, VHF antenna as well.

My only complaint is that , on the bracket, there are metric hex nuts, but only on the part that allows you to adjust it, in case your mast is a little uneven.

UHF can be up to 68 miles on a normal atmospheric day, 100 miles on an exceptional night.


My setup is a stacked VHF 7 to 13 yagi with 10 elements and this antenna. They are hooked up to a CM 7777 dual input pre-amp.

Results from ground level with the setup facing NE...it brings in WNBC and WWOR 9 which are about 68 miles from me with weak to moderate signal levels and just an occasional dropout depending on the atmospheric conditions. Occasionally at ground level, I will get stations as far away as the Central part of Long Island (55 WLNY).

All Philly stations come in strong with no drop outs with the unit at ground level facing NE. With the dual input setup, I am not sure what this would do by itself on the VHF band.

Excellent antenna. Strong reception even on distant UHF stations. I highly recommend it.


I purchased and installed the Xtreme Signal HDTV Yagi Outdoor TV Antenna 70 Mile VHF/UHF (HDB91X) on my roof last summer. I live in a heavily wooded area and, in spring and summer, distant UHF stations were impossible to receive. Now reception is clear and strong year round even on a UHF station about 50 miles away on Long Island. I am very pleased with this product.

At 50 feet I am receiving over 40 channels mostly from Dallas about 90 miles awayh


Works wonderfully. Stations 90 miles away on the front and 20 miles away on the back for a total of 48 clear stable station reception.

Probably one of the best UHF directional antennas you can buy for the money


Excellent UHF reception...better than the 8 bay array style antenna for more gain if every station you want is generally in one bearing (I've also used the Solid Signal HDB8X 8 Bay antenna, which is a better choice if you need to point in two different directions for UHF reception).

If you are looking to make a choice between antennas, I'd offer the following info:

All your stations as indicated by tvfool.com are along a rough single bearing and are UHF, and you have the space for an antenna this long and no longer, get the HDB91X. This makes a good attic mount antenna with a J pipe, which you can also get from solid signal. It says it will pick up VHF, but you had better be pretty close to the VHF station without things in the way...say under 18 miles.

You have LOTS of room in the attic lengthwise and pointing in the direction of your stations along a single bearing, buy the HBU55 antenna, which will also cover you for high VHF and UHF

If you need to point in two different directions for UHF signals, get the Solid Signal Xtreme HDB8X 8 Bay UHF.

For high VHF Ch 7-13, if you don't have the room for an HBU55, it pays to get a dedicated VHF antenna. I'd recommend the Antennacraft Y10-7-13 Highband-Broadband VHF TV Antenna, or its shorter version, the Antennacraft Y5-7-13 Highband-Broadband VHF Yagi TV Antenna for Channels 7-13 (Y5-7-13). NOTE, this is for HIGH VHF only, ch 7-13. For digital TV in the US, all the rest are UHF.

To combine VHF and UHF separate antennas, use a UVSJ UHF VHF Band Separator/Combiner, OR an amplifier with separate VHF and UHF inputs, like the RCA preamp code TVPRAMP1R.

this is a great ant. I am 60 miles from Greenville and get all they have.


turn it around and get 4 out of Atlanta.i did put a buster on it that did give me 50 more .this ant. is big but if you are out in the country .u know u need a big mass for this big ant I now get50 pluss channels.i have also cut my sat. down to 32.00 a month.i kept the dvr.this is a great deal

Good stuff, not too bad to put together, really light weight, but long!


Great antenna, got 2 of these and pointed them in 2 different directions to get my channels from LaCrosse/Eau Claire. I also get in ch 10 out of Rochester, MN over 70 miles away! The Twin Cities MSP is too far, and can't get in...Used a amp/pre-amp from Weingard and a splitter. Thanks Solid Signal! You Michiganders are great!