Winegard Outdoor HDTV Antenna VHF UHF 45-Mile Range (HD7694P)

  • Brand: Winegard
  • P\N: HD7694P
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35 reviews

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great antennas in a area that is hard to receive good clean signals


Wind storm in November wiped out my original Winegard antenna system. These were large Winegard antennas and they worked well. My area has transmitters in the opposite direction from each other so I use 2 of these antennas and a Winegard signal combiner that feeds through the house to a Channel Master 8 port amplified splitter. I space the antennas as far apart to which they do not interfere with each other. The down leads from antennas to combiner are exactly the same length. These antennas work well in all kinds of weather. Only heavy fog seems to cause a slight pixilation which is minor. Snow or rain is no issue unless its a worse case storm. These antennas are well worth the money and for me with my transmitters distance of 8 miles away up on a mountain in one direction and 25 miles away up on a mountain the opposite direction. I am also surrounded by tall trees, so that says a lot for the quality of these antennas.

Works fine in Cincinnati area and at a reasonable price!


Easy assembly. Light weight. Replaced existing 22 old externally mounted slightly larger antenna which had suffered wind damage and mechanical failures. Got the same 38 available channels but locks in more reliably with higher signal strength. Well worth the $50!

does better than HBU 33


I had purchased 2 for installation. side by side they look the same After a closer look I had found one of these assembled with ANTENNACRAFT elements the end of the elements are tapered different. I guess it was a Monday's or a Fridays's assembly better look @ yours if you buy one!!

Exceeded expectations, 72 digital channels in The Woodlands,TX


In my location I can receive 0 channels on standard rabbit ears, about 40 very unstable channels if I use indoor Terk with 20dB gain, but the indoor one has to be moved around depending on the channel and the reception is very unreliable. I had an unused satellite dish from DerecTV, so installation of the Winegard was easy: just attached it to the DirecTV poll and used their cable too. The only negative moment was when after I unfolded the bigger reflectors (the long sticks) I noticed that I did it in a little wrong order. Unfortunately it is impossible to fold them back without damaging the sockets. The assembly instruction is really poor. For the rest everything was perfect: the antenna started working without any problem, found 72 digital channels, some are evidently from other cities (several channels are duplicated). I also decided to use the 20dB amplifier which I used with my old indoor antenna because some channels are not very stable (once per 2-3 minutes get stuck for a moment) when the weather is changing. With the amplifier it works fine.

Purchased and installed for my daughter. I liked the design, respected Winegard, and expected it to do at least 60 miles.


I had a moonlighting job of installing TV antennas, on my days off my regular job, for about 20 years. I know antennas and their capabilities. My daughter wanted a small DTV antenna that would pull in local stations that were 35 miles away and 65 miles respectively. The 2 directions were 40 degrees apart. A higher gain antenna would have narrowed the beam too much. The design of this antenna demonstrated a wider beam of pick up and still enough elements to give good gain. I purchased it and put it up 15 ft. The coax run was 65 ft and I was ready to add a preamp if necessary. The signal at the TV set was 90 to 95%. The weakest transmitters signal from the 65 mile area was still at 70%. The preamp was not necessary. This antenna is under rated in its performance. I believe it would pull in stations 70 miles away if it was mounted 40 to 50 ft up. Good antenna for receiving stations 30 degrees apart.

Easy setup, great product!


Put it up to 18ft side roof top mount. I receive transmitter signals up to 60+ miles from Tampa Bay. All UHF/VHF channels come in steady. Also receives all channels from the opposite direction in Ft Myers very strong. Built very strong and compact for an antenna this powerful. Can be used in the attic, but I believe you need to use and amplifier to make up for signal drop. I would have given it 5 stars, but during weather variations the 60+ mile transmitter signals will fluctuate somewhat, specially during the Summer weather when winds are blowing from the South. If you live withing 45 miles of stations this is the antenna you want!

Not too big, lightweight. Not an eyesore on the chimney of a small/medium house. Reception is adequate.


My In-Laws have an old 10 foot channel master this is hideous. I swore I would never install something so big and I didn't. I purchased this 7694 and haven't looked back. I was using a cheap phillips antenna before that did quite well but I couldn't pick up some VHF stations 30 miles away. I'm using no rotor and its only about 10 inches above the tip of my chimney. I reached my goal of pulling in all major network stations (abc, nbc, fox, cbs, pbs, & cw) plus a couple bonus stations. All together I think I get 20 channels from a scan. I am also using NO amplifier of any kind. I have a 50ft run to a 3 way splitter and then to 3 different sets. All sets are seeing 70%+ signal on all channels and no pixelation/distortion in 2 weeks of watching. My In-Laws 10 foot channel master does pull in a few extra station than mine but for $50 this thing is the best bang for buck hands down.



Recently installed one of these. There seems to be a problem with VHF terminal side of the board. The problem is not the board but the 4 slots on top of the cartridge housing where VHF lines enter. It also gives WATER/MOISTURE the same opportunity thus shorting out the board. Solution!! apply epoxy glue & cover all holes even coat the wires where they enter the box once they cure no moisture should enter I installed one with an AP pre-amp it really does the job

Great antenna


I am 28 miles from the local transmitters and have been using a GE 24769 Futura. While it worked exceptionally well for the UHF stations, the VHF had bad pixilation problems. I considered the larger Antennacraft, but decided against it due to lower gain and exaggerated antenna range claims. The Winegard is absolutely perfect for me - no more problems!

Great antenna!!


This antenna is working great. Given I am only ~10 miles from the stations I want. Mounted it inside the attic and getting 54 channels clear as day. Don't know why I didn't ditch the cable box long ago. Wife is super happy!! Thanks Solid Signal for a great price, cheap and fast shipping!!