Xtreme Signal 8-Bay Bowtie Outdoor HDTV Antenna 65 Mile VHF/UHF (HDB8X)

  • Brand: Xtreme Signal
  • P\N: HDB8X

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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

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worked good on all stations except ABC. Could never keep a good signal..then after about 6 months lost Cbs completely. ABC still has interference, NBC is great tho! Just replaced the antenna with a parabolic antenna......which is much cheaper.....and it works wonderfully on ALL CHANNELS.


would not recommend it!

Great antenna - it works


I replaced another antenna I tried first from amazon because it was cheaper and offered a rotating feature. The first antenna would produce a blocky signal if it was windy, rainy, or even really cloudy. My new 8bay antenna from solid signal works great perfect signal in rainy weather even in my house which is surrounded by trees on all sides.

Great UHF but NOT a VHF antenna!


I have been using this antenna since 9/9/2015. Works great on UHF but it is NOT a VHF antenna. Product description is incorrect.

Tried the 4 bay first it was great, but not enough. The 8 bay HDB8X is much better, but tall trees are still a problem.


I had used an old Radio Shack VHF/UHF yagi/log periodic 5 element for 20+ yrs. It's big and clunky and not terribly suitable for today's all-digital world. I am a radio amateur, so I understand the importance of good antenna design. My Solid Signal 4 bay was compact and worked well, but too directional for my location where I have 2 groups of stations separated by 100 degrees azimuth. The small / non-existent side lobes couldn't help and the high f/b ratio was not helping the stations that were 180 degrees from my primaries. Most stations are 35 mi distant and the huge stand of 70' trees all around does not help! The 8 bay, with an ability to mount the two 4 bay halves at different angles makes all the difference! The pixelizing is now greatly diminished and I can separately rotate the 2 bays for optimum. I'm guessing that the larger capture area is providing a bit of space diversity as well, but that may be minimal. Mounting is on my 2nd story deck railing, about 20ft above ground, looking at a woods full of trees. I am still tinkering with azimuths and I'm sure things will only get better. In summary, this is an excellent antenna at a fair price and I would strongly recommend it to anyone! Good job, guys.

Good in the woods


I'm 21 miles from the Rhinelander Tower and I get full reception with only a few weather dropouts. On clear days with good reception parameters I can get stations from Wausau Wisconsin which are 68 miles away. These stations will dropout with weather events. The shape and size of this type antenna is much easier to handle than any Yagi shaped antenna. It has less wind resistance, less bird perching, less snow and ice deflection and bending.

After I read most of the reviews about this antenna and the DB8e (YouTube, forum, solid signal).I decided to give a try to HDB8X, for price point. Bought and installed in July 2016.


Installed in the back of my house with a 20 j-hook & a 5 ft mast. Also, used a LNA-200 pre-amp, a CDA-4 splitter. I got 69 channels, even 2 to 6, which is amazing. pick up some channels over 50 miles. Antenna is good, price is great. I definitely recommend it.

working great with the juice pre amp


i live 35 miles South West of boston. i said SE in a earlier review zip 02019 might help anyone near me looking to cut the cord

very good


i live 35 miles southwest of boston ,earlier i said SE

picked up thru trees


i live 35 miles southeast of boston ma.i have 6 tvs run thru a full pass splitter. i had a lava 8008hd which didnt pick up the stations that great. i installed this antenna and it was a little . When I added the JUICE amp it picked up a lot more channels

This is what you need to get for over the air HD tv.


I waited several months, before i did any reviews. This antenna has worked flawlessly since I purchased it. Picking up channels that other antennas wouldn't, including channel 2 from Chicago. Works well with the Winegard 39 J mount.