weBoost Home MultiRoom Cellular Booster Kit (470144)

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I didn't have any signal in my house before I purchased the multi room signal booster now I have signal everywhere in my house great product.

Works as advertised- easy set up.


Would give 5 stars except for the power cord assembly attachment into the power supply. Barely, connects- and seems to have some dimensional challenges in between the cord and the power supply. Cord on Pin connector OD is a bit large for the ID allowance on the power supply. It connects; but is most easily dislodged by any nearby cord movement etc. Overall- the unit performs as advertised and we can now use our cell phones from home office without fear of garbling and or disconnect. Thanks

I would purchase again!


Great product ! Used on a 4000 sq ft home with 5 different users and there is no loss of signal. Signal went from 1x to 4g and signal went from 2 bars to 4 or 5 bars great. I would recommend to anyone who lives way out in the rural country areas.

They Suggest RG-11 but package RG-6


you suggest RG11 cable yet you deliver in the package RG6 cable. Why not sell the cable that you suggest in the kits?

As T-Mobile customers, we went from No Svc/1 bar to 3 bars!


PROs: 1. Greatly improved our T-Mobile cell phone reception! We no longer have dropped calls, or complaints of us "breaking up" when speaking. 2. The (included) RG6 Coaxial "Window Entry" cable (flat connector) is brilliant! It worked perfectly in our window sash. I greatly appreciated not having to drill a hole from the exterior to the interior of my house. This little component really adds to the installation compatibility/flexibility of this kit/unit. 3. For more rural locations, locating the exact position of your closest cell tower is a must! The weBoost website has a Support page that offers links (and FAQs) to web apps that can help take the "guessing" out of the equation. CONs: 1. To maximize effectiveness, the Antenna must be laterally separated by 50 ft or more (or 20 ft vertically) from the Booster and, yet, the kit only comes with 60 ft (a 30 ft + 2 x 15 ft) of RG6 Coaxial cable. That only gives you 10 ft of slop to make turns, reroute through windows and into attics, etc. I had to buy a 50 ft cable (in place of the 30 ft) to make it all work. Getting a 50 ft displacement, in a normal-sized house, is not as easy as it sounds. 2. Without a high-tech Signal strength reader (not included), positioning the Antenna for maximum reception (both in azimuth and elevation) was a shot in the dark. I followed the instructions to put my iPhone in Field Test mode, but found out it was a very imperfect science. This is most frustrating accepting the fact that I still may not be achieving the "most" out of my weBoost system. 3. It's almost the dead of winter here now. We are surrounded by 100 ft trees. Though the weBoost system works great now, come Spring, I'm worried about how "ineffective" it may become when the trees are full of leaves and possibly degrade the cell tower signal reception. I'm dreading the worst . . . $-(



I'm using the Home MultiRoom at a remote cabin in the woods. Unamplified signal there is weak and gets tossed around by mountains and canyons. This unit has made it possible to get pretty reliable phone service, along with texting almost always. Sometimes I can even (slowly) load web pages on my phone. I am very pleased, especially given the location. I suspect this device would work wonders in flatter terrain. Highly recommended. (If it doesn't work for your situation, you can always return it in 30 days, penalty-free.)

It works


I was skeptical about spending $500+ for a booster, because I bought a cheap one before that didnt work. Since they offered a 30 day money back I decided to give it a shot. It works great. I went from zero bars in my basement to almost full bars. I used the open signal app to point it to the nearest tower. It will take me a day of working to pay it off, but for right now it was well worth it. I am only giving it 4 stars for now because I just hooked it up today. Time will tell in order to qualify for 5 stars. A little worried what rain will do to the outdoor antenna in long run, but we'll see. I would say to the person reading to this to buy it if you have at least some signal outside but need more inside. It works

Great for offgrid and camping applications


Today we installed the @weboost cellular signal booster at #thelandbysuperesse and we went from 1 bar to 5 bars of signal. Great addition to our #offgrid #cabin. 1. Installed interior antenna to far side of cabin. 2. Installed booster to near side of cabin. 3. Installed exterior one direction antenna on roof of near side of antenna. 4. Ran coaxial cable to all components. Easy install and now I'm posting on social media from our cabin which was near impossible to do before.



for laptop comm's