weBoost Home MultiRoom Cellular Booster Kit (470144)

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Better then what I had


I had one bar outside and no service in my home. After installation, I now have two bars in my home.

Great Booster for a home


Great system, had 2 bars 4g on cell system gateway about 23 dB signal inside. After WeBoost was installed we have 4 bars 5g and 43 to 73 dB inside the home with phones and internet.

Holy Cow


I just installed the Home Multi Room. I have decent signal (1-2 bars) outside but calls always dropped inside the house (metal roof). Crystal clear calls and Five bars now! No more "you're breaking up". I should have done this way sooner. The two screenshots are speedtests on my slow wi-fi then on cell signal only

You didn't send me the cable to install so I don't know how


You did not sent me a cable to install so therefore I don't know how it works

Great asset


Quick delivery. Easy to install. The higher the outside antenna is, the better. I didn't use all the cables, which is a pills to have leftovers. Already advertising locally as a plus purchase!

Booster is very good, but inside antenna is weak.


After installation I found that the inside antenna was weak. Had to place my iPhone right in front of the antenna in order to get 3-4 bars. So I remembered that I had an old 1990's bag phone antenna with coax end and hooked it into the booster and BOOM , have the 3-4 bars throughout home and a cell measurement of -95. Guess ya gotta get creative!

It Works!


Installed per instructions and the unit worked as advertised.

Signal app


If the instructions had mentioned to verify the signal by using the Open Signal before purchasing the cell booster I never would have made the purchase. There is almost no signal at our lake house. The reason for purchase. But this item only works if you 1' - 2' away from the inside antenna. I am not satisfied with this purchase.

very impressed with how well it worked inside my metal shop


Works great inside my metal shop! No more dropped calls and irritated customers. Works so well I actually bought two for my other shop now as well.

Finally have a signal in the tin can that I live in!


I live in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by a massive forest, and the nearest cell tower is at least 10 miles away. The only time I could get service at home was in between two specific trees in my yard. This booster system was rather pricy but it was worth every penny so far! I get a strong signal anywhere in my house and no more missed calls/texts or having to run out in 100 degrees to make a phone call. I did replace the antenna with the omni directional one due to all the trees around me, but once I did that, the service was even better!